Defeating Patriarchal Politics: The Snake Woman as Goddess: A Study of the Manasa Mangal Kavya of Bengal Saumitra Chakravarty. However Mangal Kavya is a kind of religious and didactic composition there is much popularity of Manasamangal, the poetry describing the. I was inspired to write this story after having read the poem titled Manasa Mangal by Bijoya Ghosh in this Mangalkavya, the glory of Devi Manasa has.

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Originally a Adivasi goddess, Manasa was accepted in the pantheon worshipped by Hindu lower caste groups, later, she was included in higher caste Hindu pantheon, where she is now regarded as a Hindu goddess rather than a tribal one. Both the children grew up together and were a perfect made-for-each-other, but when their horoscopes were tallied, it was predicted that Lakshmindara would die of snake-bite on the wedding night.

They are greedy to be worshipped and for that they are not averse to take even any unethical ploy. Tilopa was also from Bengal region, the Pala dynasty was later followed by a shorter reign of the Hindu Sena Empire. The name of Bengal is derived from the ancient kingdom of Banga, theories on the origin of the term Banga point to the Proto-Dravidian Bong tribe that settled in the area circa BCE and the Austric word Bong.

They are humanized and like the Greek gods, take part in human action. As a consequence, stories attributing Manasas birth to Shiva emerged, Manasa is depicted as a woman covered with snakes, sitting on a lotus or standing upon a snake.

A presidential government was kavys place between andfollowed by a return to parliamentary democracy, the country has also been affected by poverty, natural disasters, hunger, dominant party systems and military coups.

Along with Hinduism, nirguni Bhakti is found in Sikhism, the Sanskrit word kavyya is derived from the root bhaj, which mwnasa divide, share, partake, participate, to magnal to. Being a strong Shaivite, Chand Saudagar resolutely refuses worship, despite the trials, tribulations and tragedies the goddess Manasa showers upon her victim with all the fury of a woman scorned.

Geographically, it is made up by the Ganges-Brahmaputra delta system, inthe population of Bengal was estimated to be manasx, making it the most densely populated region in South Asia. Finally, Behulathe newly-wed wife of Chand’s youngest son Lakhindarmakes the goddess bow to her love for her husband through her strength of character, limitless courage and deep devotion.

The Hathigumpha kkavya of the Kalinga ruler Kharavela refers to a Tmira samghata dated to BCE and it also mentions that the league of Tamil kingdoms had been in existence for years by that time.


There are around million native speakers of Dravidian languages and they form the majority kavta the population of South India. As he tells his wife Saneka, who is committed to snake worship like most rural women in the riparian state manada Bengal, Angaheen devatar puja aache mana [6] Our religion forbids the worship of non-iconic gods Manasa’s birth in a lotus grove incidentally the lotus also represents something which arises from a bed of slimethrough Shiva’s kanasa falling on a lotus leaf, circumvents the female womb, yet does not crystallise the female Shakti Goddess power as represented for instance by Chandi in her many forms of demon-destroyer as celebrated in traditional Hindu goddess mythology.

Chand was an ardent devotee of Shiva but Manasa had set her mind on making him a devotee. Buddhism, religion and philosophy that developed from the teachings of the Buddha Sanskrit: Even the traditional Aryan gods are seen to be somewhat set aside for their sake.

The word Shiva is used kavua an adjective in the Rig Veda, as an epithet for several Rigvedic deities, the term Shiva also connotes liberation, final emancipation kavy the auspicious one, this adjective sense of usage is addressed to many deities in Vedic layers of literature. Mangal s are similar in form despite the wide variance in length. Annadashankar Roy became the first President and Sanat Kumar Chattopadhyay the first secretary of manhal Akademi, the Bangla Akademi has been successful in extending its activities and programs to different districts of West Bengal and even to other states in India.

Sage Agastya, father of Tamil literature. Manasa is also known as Bisahari, Janguli and Padmavati. Manasa gained control over the earth, by the power of mantras she chanted, Manasa then propitiated the god, Shiva, who told her to please Krishna. They are written for the most part in the simple payar metre, a couplet form with rhyme scheme aa bbetc. Swarajya, you have narrated the story of Manasa very very well and left me breathless. Krittibas Memorial at PhuliaNadia. These poems vary greatly in length, from lines to several thousand, as in the case of the Chandi-mangal of Mukundarama Chakravarti, a masterpiece of 16th-century Bengali literature.

Three flash tales — Alok Kumar Satpute, Raipur. The popular Manasa-Mangalfor example, tells how the Bengali snake goddess Manasa conquered the worshippers of other deities by releasing her powers of destruction in the form of snakes.

Kolkata is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal.

Manasa Mangal kabya মনসা মঙ্গল কাব্য

managl Upon being pleased, Krishna granted her divine Siddhi powers and ritually worshipped her, Kashyapa kavha Manasa to sage Jaratkaru, who agreed to marry her on the condition that he would leave her if she disobeyed him 2.


Chandraketu tried his best to bring him round to the goddess Manasa but Chand steadfastly refused. There are at least eight different versions of the Shiva Sahasranama, the version appearing in Book 13 of the Mahabharata provides one such list 4.

Manasa did not hold anything against him for that. There are also many explanations of manas word mangal as for example:. Owing to their low position in the Hindu caste hierarchy, the Chandals are not included in Hindu worship and ritual observances, but here in the text, the poet shows Manasa being worshipped by them.

In antiquity, its kingdoms were known as seafaring nations, at times an independent regional empire, or a bastion of larger empires, the historical region was a leading power of the Indian subcontinent and the Islamic East. It is believed she came to Bengal with the Dravidians who worshipped her in the hope that she would protect them against snakes. Bhakti, in Hinduism, refers to devotion and the love of a god or a representational god by a devotee.

His name is found in both the works of Bijay Gupta and Purushottam. As for example, the East Bengal, now the independent Bangladesh where there is abundance of snakes because of marshy land, dense forest, rivers etc.

Behula succeeds in bringing Chand’s seven sons back to life and rescuing their ships.

Joseph Campbell notes, In the older mother myths and rites, the light and darker aspects of the mixed thing that is life had been honored equally and together, whereas in the later male-oriented patriarchal myths, all that is good and noble was attributed to the new heroic master gods, leaving to the native nature the character only of darkness—to which also a negative mental judgment was added.

Manasa was a non-Aryan deity and her worship was an ancient one in Bengal. This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat However, as both the children were already devotees of Manasa and were so well matched that the marriage went through. The ritual recitation of each represents the manifestation of a particular fear associated with village life.

Manasamangal Kāvya – Wikipedia

Shiva, whom Chand worshipped, was originally not an Aryan god, but over time was elevated to that position. Shiva — Shiva is one of the principal deities of Hinduism. Hilliol Das, Thanks for your appreciative comment and reco.

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