Magic Rises is the sixth instalment in the Kate Daniels series, after Magic Slays, and marking a return to the main series line after last year’s. The smart latest installment of Andrews’s semi-post-apocalyptic urban fantasy series (after Gunmetal Magic) takes mercenary Kate Daniels and. Magic Rises Ilona Andrews Kate and Curran are pulled out of their Atlanta home territory and into the muck of European shapeshifter politics.

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And Kate is amazing, as always. That is most definitely not the case here. While I could not put it down once I started, this book is a tad bit stressful because of both the physical and emotional dangers they faced throughout the story.

I’m so sorry Anddews have to lower my rating, but this book didn’t make me feel good at all. View all 13 comments. Approximately ten percent of werewolves went loup at birth.

The spoiler tags just note stream-of-consciousness thoughts I had. And by ‘pleasure cruise,’ I mean ‘pirate fight’. I feel as if I am saying good bye to a very good friend.

Fantasy Book Critic: Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews (Reviewed by Lydia Roberts and Mihir Wanchoo)

One of my biggest RAGE buttons when I’m reading is anything that involves cheating, the appearance of cheating, ex-lovers, wives, etc. He didn’t even have all the information on who hired the pirates to kill Kate until Saiman further question the pirate, so why not tell her risex away?

July 20, Editors: The reason for this is that while there are events of both good and sad tidings, people might not like how it’s all tied up together. From the time I could remember myself, my adoptive father Voron honed me into a weapon. She gave me a completely blank look. To my left two Plexiglas prison cells sat side by side, drenched in blue feylantern light. There are also quiet moments full of love and friendship.

That being said, this book is so taut with tension and we meet some fantastic new characters. After books three and four built upon the revelations about Kate so well, I admit to being a little disappointed that book five largely ignored them only to andress at returning to a related storyline at the very end.


Ilona Andrews know how to deliver when it comes to building up story arcs and characters, and I also really love the blend between darkness and humor. A few months ago, she looked just like that, a mess of human and animal, her body ravaged by the virus. I spent over two hundred pages feeling 2.

They have co-authored two series, the bestselling urban fantasy of Kate Daniels and romantic urban fantasy of The Edge. I abdrews, highly recommend avoiding all spoilers for this book. Curran is an ass. At some points I was hoping Kate would punch Curran straight in the face.

It’s not an exaggeration to say this book will put you through the emotional wringer. I am emotionally spent.

Magic Rises

Doolittle had left for a couple of hours, but now he was back, sitting off by himself near the other wall, his face ashen. I didn’t expect her to dump him but she should have at least taken a step back.

And though I said, in my original review, to read it without any spoilers, I would amend that now. Whether you want to admit it or not, something is there.


If you like urban Fantasy do yourself a favor and read this series. I pulled my spear back, reversed it, and stabbed her in the left shoulder with the butt. I really hated how Kate tried to justify Curran’s reasoning by saying she would have done the same thing. Way too much drama for this kind of book. Putting hands on an alpha without permission counted as assault. And he didn’t andews tell the rest of the pack that they needed to keep an extra close eye on Kate.

Series readers will pick up some more clues in regards to Roland and what truly is out there. I challenged his authority on weekly basis. Some things are just unacceptable.

As it was, it felt like one of those movies whose ending didn’t screen well resulting in the tacked on “happily-ever-after” version hello, I Am Legend. If anything the books keep getting better as we burrow in to Kate and Curran’s life and watch shit constantly hitting the fan. As the rkses human in their delegation and one of few at the andreas where they are housed with the other packs, she is less than a misfit; she is virtually nothing in the eyes of those she encounters.


So writing a review without overdoing it, is consequently way harder than usual. Sure, I might read the rest of the books in this series, but this became just one of the good ones.

May 15, Jessie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Characters are quick to jump to conclusions, take matters into their own hands, make a mess of things and stop talking altogether. Carved biceps bulged on his arms. The Kate Daniels series is the one I would urge someone to read if they were only going to read one urban fantasy series.

I won’t say much unless I spoil the surprises and the reading experience but I can only say that romantic relationship in this series is one of the most sexy and emotional in a twisted and sometimes unhealthy way by “human” standards I’ve ever read and I totally unconditionally ship them! As riees result, numerous young weres die every year, and this grim fact weighs heavily on all members of the Pack, especially its leaders.

I’m always a bit wary of long running series with a single love interest. Kate and him were raised by the same person – “trained” might be a better term in this case – and they have so much in common.

Breaths are being held, bets are being placed, hearts are beating faster all over the world.

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