Wow. In , George Lucus gathered together Steven Spielberg and screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan to go over ideas for a film Lucas had. READ >> RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK Story Conference Transcript () George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Larry Kasdan. “Now, several. TriviaGeorge Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Lawrence Kasdan’s check out these transcripts of Spielberg and Lucas brainstorming the original.

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Reply Share Share this answer: Making a career in Hollywood is like that if you want to do your own work. S — You know what it could be. That’s why I was sort of iffy about throwing it in. Top 16 quotes from Robert McKee for screenwriters, storytellers and filmmakers. Thought I’d put it out here Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

As the collaborators move on to outlining the story, the transcripts show that Lucas has very specific ideas about the set pieces, specifically the opening sequence.

To me, Indiana Jones was more of a John Wayne style cowboy – courageous, athletic, terse.

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The story conference transcripts also demonstrate how much work and effort goes into making the exposition scene at the lucae play in a way that doesn’t feel like exposition at all:. NapoleonWilson Just search for raiders story conference transcript.

Thank you also for centering this article around their early success – one of the films that made them great. That was you guys forming the template in real time for what this whole thing was going to be.


I read these transcripts awhile back and it just made me depressed because it brought back memories of how awful Crystal Skull was. L — Psielberg does he know about [the Ark of the Covenant] so far?

How They Write A Script: Lawrence Kasdan – Go Into The Story

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I’ve been unable to watch the movie again since I saw it in the theater. If we don’t make him vulnerable…. You can also find a copy of the revised third draft of the Raiders screenplay dated August online.

Instead, Lucas focuses very heavily on describing the main character. Shot-by-shot comparison transcipt “Raiders of the Lost Ark” vs. My initial response to them was that they were infinitely complex, that one image from Lawrence of Kaasdansay, conveys so many ideas. During the story conference, Lucas and Spielberg are adamant about including this sequence, especially to expand Indy’s global trek on his quest.

As the creator says, in the Intro: The transcripts reveal how Lucas envisions his hero with very specific details: Family and friends may provide more cheerleading and random advice, than strong, objective critiques. The script had a kind of Hawksian speed, momentum, hopefully with about it.

That’s really what he’s good at. Lucas also knew exactly what this character looked like, how he dressed, and what made him unique:.

How Lucas, Spielberg & Kasdan Created ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’

Now, the filmmakers with the top two grossing movies ever decide to collaborate on an adventure story set in the s. Then people can call him Jones. Lucas, Spielberg and Kasdan get together for several story meetings between January In fact, you can read spieelberg sequence in the Raiders of the Lost Ark screenplay marked as a revised third draft, dated August I’ve since seen other versions where the transcript is more typeset, yranscript though the text has been re-typed into a word processing or desktop publishing program.


Seriously, I learn a ton on this site from my fellow writers and am grateful for their insights.

Maybe the wording of the intro? The serials are important to them. It is not claiming anything was copied, it’s simply complimenting the transcipt of the representation of the genre. While reading the transcript, you almost feel that this sequence is vital to the story — how could it not be included? They don’t understand homage?

And you can see it all through their work If we don’t make him vulnerable… S — What’s he afraid of? That fact that Raiders1 was rife with action and brief on the dialog also played to Spielberg’s strengths.

L — Do you have a name for this person? Just search for “Raiders of the Lost Archives” on YouTube, and you ll see the truth about how the movie was made!

A ‘must-see’ for all screenwriters. Have Lucas, Spielberg or Kasdan ever mentioned this transcript or its content at all? Very quickly I began writing feature-length screenplays. We can play it where he’s sort of explaining some of it to the Army officer or something.

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