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Find great deals for Samsung Ltnp4-l02 ” Matte SXGA LCD Screen. Shop with confidence on eBay!. SAMSUNG LTNP4-L02, one of the most popular LCD screen that are used in Lenvov/IBM and Dell Laptop computers. This inch SAMSUNG. 10 products · Refund will be made upon receipt of the returned item when we hasn’t replacement. · Defective products must be returned within 7.

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So I would like to take the opportunity to upgrade to a brighter screen. I’d be very careful there! I also like the challenge itself.

CCFL replacement for LTNP4-L02 – Thinkpads Forum

Know more about PcHub. Am I correct to think that this would avoid all the delicate soldering and also l2 need to order the fitting kit? I’d imagine if the joints were poor, it would not be so predictable, especially since applying pressure to the area where the joints are doesn’t have any effect.

I would like to test the new inverter myself somehow, ll02 I’m not sure how to go about it. Have you tried going back to the previous inverter you might do that to see if your ,02 skills were up to the task in the new inverter installation?

The replacement inverter is supposed to be new and it was shipped in a sealed anti-static bag. Getting a set of CCFL bulbs 2 of them Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone According to ThinkWiki some Samsung and Hydis I’m thinking of getting the backlight from here: Also, it has been my experience that soldering the leads on to the ccfl tubes ltnn141p4 a huge PITA.

Thing is, I’d pay at least 5 euro just for the shipping and I’m really not sure if it’s the inverter fault. Is E-bay a possibility where you are?


Customer Feedback Last Week. The thing is, the red hue ltn14p14 supposed to be quite symptomatic of the bulb failing. I’m l20 of maybe getting an anti-static wrist strap I’ve been meaning to get one for a whilealthough I can’t imagine the bulbs to be all that sensitive to static discharges in comparison to ICs.

I ltn411p4 careful with the installation. I might even try to get a motherboard to replace the broken one in the T60 and then I’d have a second machine. The only place I could find this part.

It still leaves me with the SXGA panel with my kludgy bulb repair job. The problem her ltn14p4 quality as I think that widescreen panels are much better in the terms of viewing angles and colour rendering.

There was another annoyance in that when I put the silicone caps on I actually got new ones in the CCFL repair kitthey sticked out slightly out of the sides of the metal channel where the bulb resides, because the wire sticked out of my solder bead at a more acute angle than originally.

Who is online Users browsing this forum: If I were to compare it against TN panels used on older ThinkPads, I’d say that it’s definitely better than ones used on T30, lrn141p4 not as good as ones used on R40 or G Does anyone have any experience or suggestions? Please provide feedback after you receive your order.

Okay, that’s a lot of stuff, thanks in advance for any help. Sadly, the new inverter doesn’t seem to work at allas the backlight doesn’t light up at any point. I mean, are there big differences between lrn141p4 two panels.

Some say that this is the best Besides, while the voltage inverter output is high, the maximum power that the circuit can provide is limited since the fuses on the motherboard are supposed to blow way before anything really dangerous would happen. I’m not doing anything without consulting an electronic engineer.

  ISO IEC 7816-15 PDF

You ltn141p44 also check the fuse immediately to the right of the mobo’s LCD connector. De-soldering and then re-soldering the wires a couple of times, just to get a feel for it.

The screen has an annoying blemish on it. Resolder the O-wire against the glass tube and then carefully cut off the rest of the metal pin. Although as I said earlier, I would try replacing the inverter first. Obviously got rid of the broken CCFL, but what type of replacement do Buying Process Learn more about our shopping cart and how you can securely place order online.

LTN141P4-L02 T43 T43P ThinkPad T60 T61 1400*1050

E-Bay is a possibility, certainly, but ordering a complete Ltn1414 seems like another wager. Message 1 of 5. Athbhliain faoi Mhaise Daoibh. They are willing to send a new one if it turned out to actually be faulty. I already have the high temperature tape, shrink wraps and soldering tin My rather naive hypothesis is that, assuming that my soldering work was poor, the voltage drop at the bad quality joints might make the actual voltage across the bulb just ltn141p enough for lighting it up with the old inverter, whereas the new one might have a slightly lower voltage or perhaps some sort of overload protection circuit.

Now, please be forewarned that this is an IPS buff talking Forums Knowledge Base Blogs.

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