When the Linn drum is running on external sync, the trigger output will follow the tempo of the sync input. The Sync output will follow the tempo of the internal. There’s a jpeg manual here but you need to be a member: if you have a specific question I. The LinnDrum is a powerful creative tool for the musician, songwriter, or home recordist. Imagine having a Owner’s or Service Manual (each). $

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Pase 22 Linn Electronics, Inc. Once you have made your selectionts: The original master drum track and sync track are now coDpletad.

LinnDrum Owner’s Manual

Up to 99 patterns or steps miay manyal entered. For instance, to append pattern 65 on to the end of pattern Houever, beoaufle people have different tastes, alternate drum sound “chips” may he purchased, Dade from a variety of drum recordings.

The process of aynclrg to tape Is actually two operations; 1 Pecordina ttje original part and aync track.

Owner’s or Service Manual each. So that data on the cassette can be inOejed and therefore more easily found. In addition to the two levels of closed hihat, there is an “open” hi-hat. The wetronooie disappears In playback mode.

This is because they are acting as a “read- out” of the settings which were used to create that particular pattern. Recorders ulth Kie IN only are not adequate. This function is very useful for creating a “human rhythm feel” in your rhythm patterns. A “beep” will sound.


This assignment will remain until re-asslgned, Oh until power is turned on again. The rhythm patterns In the neu song will load starting at the first blank pattern number; the Bong the list of steps will load Into the selected song mabual and all the steps will be re-numbered to match the pattern numbers.

In this mode, all drums are played back exactly as recorded. This mode Is used uhen it is desired to store only the currently selected sofiB- The list of steps in the song is stored, as well as all rhythm patterns which occur In the song. IJ’ Type Linhdrum the two-digit pattern number. To chanse the “feel” timing setting of the selected rhythm pattern: The pattern you have created is now permanently stored under the selected pattern number, even with power removed. After two measures have passed, the LinnDrum will automatically “loop” back to the manhal of measure 1 to play what has just been recorded.

Type In the two-digit pattern number. If the sound you want is not available from our library, it is possible to have custom chips made from your own tape recordings. Whenever the poorly recorded snare plays from the tape, it will trigger the LinnDrum’s anare, which may be recorded on a separate track.

Once they are added, It may nou be eaaier to construct the final ‘song” on LinnDrum, and overdub it to the tape.

LinnDrum Owner’s Manual

To change to s different song number, continue holding down SOMGand type In the number of the song you want to access. Despite LinhDrum’s laree internal memory, eventually it is possible to run out of memcry while recording.


Next, while holding ENTER, type in the list of two-digit rhythm patterns as “steps” in the song, in the order they are to be played. In addition, it may be programmed to output a trigger pulse every time the cowbell is played, which, if connected to an external synthesizer, would allow a synthesized percussion sound effect to be programmed into your rhythm pattern. This indicates the percentage of memory available for programming patterns or songs.

There are two additional erase functions: When played, the pattern will have a slightly different feel.

Beware of cheap units— mxnual make very poor data recorders. Indicating the selected rhythm has been changefl. IJ LiniiDrujn uas used to record the rtaster tape.

A “song” in the LinnDrum is simply a list of rhythm patterns to be played in sequence, one after another. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Certain drums have more than one button e. To re-assign msnual trigger input to a different drum button: Any further drums tapped in will be “overdubbed” into the repeating two-measure loop, in addition to those recorded on previous passes.

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