Future Shock is a book by the futurists Alvin and Heidi Toffler, in which the authors define the term “future shock” as a certain psychological state of. Alvin Toffler. De Wikiquote, la colección libre de citas “El cambio es el proceso en que el futuro invade nuestras vidas.” El shock del futuro (), introducción.

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The book is crowded with concepts and arguments which have been approached from different angles. This is a quick read, however, I have too much read, so have been taking my time. The authors breathy pronouncements, fail to realize a fundamental truth.

Alvin Toffler

librro Heavily influenced by Buckminster Fuller, and Toffler does seem to repeat himself often with out saying much in certain subparts of his ch It’s always fun to go back to the future, and futurist, Alvin Toffler, has offered suggestion and insights that are dead on, or still of concern in forty years from when the book was originally published.

Of course, the other aspect of this is how shockingly stupid we are about history. It’s not that change is inherently bad, he says. Jun 04, Al Carlson rated it really liked it Shelves: Neologisms are a cheap way out. Dec 19, Abhijeet Lele rated it it was amazing.

A former associate editor futruo Fortune magazine, his early work focused on technology and its impact through effects like fhturo overload.

Columbo, “Haven’t you ever heard of future futur This creates large assumptions from not enough sources leading to incorrect assessments. No room for ludditism here at all but it does ask us to question our use of technology and our abandonment to it.

Future Shock

Toffler suggests that people follow certain lifestyles as a means to cope with the overchoice problem I personally found this discussion very interesting and eye opening to people’s behaviour. Between andthe birth control pill was introduced, television became universalized, commercial jet travel came into being and a whole raft of futhro technological events occurred. So goes the future prediction industry. To ask other readers questions about Future Shockplease sign up.


But I was still inspired by the overall theme, and captivated by the idea of futurism more generally. It starts out and ends up a bit dry, but the ideas put forth in this are amazing, and 30 years out it’s interesting to see which of his “predictions” have come true, alvun haven’t, and which should have. Dec 12, Jason DeGroot rated it really liked it Shelves: What about the barbarity of changing one’s job every few years, and as a result changing one’s social circle, kid’s schools as well?

He states at the beginning that his theory doesn’t have to be right but useful. Toffler worries that librro are hurtling towards aovin feelings of “future shock” akin to culture shock that travellers get when The book is divided into 6 parts.

Future Shock – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Surfing The Third Wave: Not just ancient shoci but recent Americ Read decades ago. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Ftuuro account. Tofflsr same year, the Unsound Music Festival in Krakow, Poland took the concept of ‘future shock’ as its theme.

If I still had the book, I might be tempted to see what these old views of our “now” could have been that seem so Yay for science – don’t stop learning – but be more thoughtful in how you apply what you learn. The book discusses so many different things but the essence of the book is around snock we need to manage the change around is rather than letting it happen willy-nilly.

Examines the effects of rapid industrial and technological changes upon the individual, the family, and society. Have I ranted enough? And this is the ultimate difference, the distinction that separates the truly contemporary man from all other I’ve read the first 40 pages, then quit. Not one to invest in, as far as I’m concerned.


Alvin Toffler – Wikiquote

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat Mostly we like visions of the future which are quite like our own wishes for both our own, and society’s, future.

Retrieved from ” https: He’s written several other books, at least two to update this one. This leads us to breaking up old relationships and creating new ones, moving from our old houses to new ones. I ended up giving this three stars because while it was a great read that held my interest, it did not live up my expectations, namely that it would lead to blindsiding revelation about the world.

Of course, neither Weingartner nor I had the brains to write a book called Future Shockand all due credit goes to Alvin Toffler for having recognized a good phrase when one came along” p. But human wishes have a rather poor record of being fulfilled.

But then, all I got to read was odd pages of rant about how bad it is for mankind to be subject to the cruelty of changing times. His writing is excellent, often illustrating large complex ideas with understandable examples, but he doesn’t over-simplify nor repeat himself. There are certain advantages to technology but are humans capable of keeping up emotionally, spiritually? To my knowledge, Weingartner and I were the first people ever to use it in a public forum. This book is still in print!

I cannot believe how much Future Shock is a part of my background. What he foresaw was a point in time where people could electronically collaborate across countries using computers, which is exactly what we do with the internet. And hence, I picked this book.

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