El barbero de Sevilla, de Gioacchino Rossini. Melodrama Bufo en dos actos. Libreto de Césare Sterbini. Basado en la comedia homónima de Piérre- Agustin . El Barbero de sevilla. Barbero de sevilla. The barber of Seville is an opera bufa in two acts with music by Gioachino Rossini and libreto in. , English, Spanish, Printed music edition: El barbero de Sevilla [music] libreto, Guillermo Perrín, Miguel de Palacios ; editión crítica, Xavier de Paz.

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The Count enters disguised as a music master. Bada, non toccar nulla. You are not mocking me? I mean to find out what’s going on. Let no one move.

From every attack a victor, Love will always aevilla. I’ll go and see him at once. Make way for the factotum of the city.


Peace and happiness be with you. By all I am despised, an old maid without a hope, I shall die in desperation. Skip to content Skip to search.

Tomorrow I cannot come. With a shriek she retires from the balcony. Di sorpresa e di contento son vicina a delirar! Oh, go to the devil! Pretende di essere ubriaco. Login barbdro add to list. Then you wish to battle?

Don’t let anyone in. Gold is coming, silver is coming. Qua quel foglio, Then you wish to battle? Lists What are lists? Let me embrace a colleague here.

And these sheets of paper Don’t bother ds any more. Go ahead, don’t worry; your efforts will be rewarded.

El Barbero de sevilla by jorge diaz serrano on Prezi

Annoyed by the noise they make, he tries to drive them away. La la ran la la ran la, ecc. Then I am the fortunate girl!

But now I must tell you, dearest, that your letter, in order that I might succeed in my disguise Vengo a farvi la barba! Dunque io son la fortunata! What a happy, wonderful moment! If you don’t mind, in place of Don Basilio, I shall give you a short lesson.


Medium [music] Physical Description 1 score xxxv, p. barvero

The trick has worked! Take care, don’t touch anything.

Si sente un gran rumore. Do not speak, do not shout. Ah, bravo Figaro, bravo, bravissimo, bravo! Lasciate fare a me Give me the paper, impertinente!


Come, let us go. Oh, what joy that gives my heart! Razors and combs, lancets and scissors, at my command everything’s ready.

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