PDF | Libidibia ferrea, popularly known as “pau ferro” or “jucá”, is an important medicinal plant employed for the treatment of various ailments in. Genus: Libidibia (formerly known as Ceasalpinia). species: ferrea. Family: Fabaceae. Common Name: Leopard tree, Brazilian Ironwood. Description. Unarmed tree, to 15 m. Bark very distinctive, smooth, grey, pealing to reveal paler patches. Leaves 2-pinnate; pinnae in pairs, each with

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Libidibia ferrea

Its wood is often used for making fingerboards for electric basses and guitars. P values less than 0. First phase of formalin tests predominantly evokes activity in A-delta fibers.

Animals were prevented by eating overnight prior to the experiment. M of total writhings. Pretreated mice were put on a heated plate and the time that took for them to jump, tap their foot, or lick their paw was counted. Libidibia ferrea LF is a plant used in folk medicine for therapeutical purposes. Anatomical and histochemical descriptions were made with the aid of image analysis software Axiovision using an Axioplan Zeiss microscope.

It suggests that LF compounds could be promoting the antinociceptive effect libudibia A-delta fibers. After these analyses, LPLF was used in subsequent antinociceptive tests hot-plate and formalin-induced lickingwhich demonstrated a significant analgesic effect in both tests, confirming that the antinociceptive effect in the seeds extract could be attributed to at least one of LPLF components.


Terrea vivo and in vitro anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive effects of the methanol extract of Inonotus obliquus. Materials and Methods 2. The wood may also be used for flooring, fancy furniture, and handgun grips.

Antinociceptive effect of standard drugs piroxicam and dipyroneCE, and F80 on acetic acid-induced writhing response test in mice. Simon Schubert is a qualified Horticulturist who enjoys gardening and bush-walking.

European Journal of Pharmacology. The specimen was identified as Libidibia ferrea or their synonym Caesalpinia ferrea. The tonal characteristics are said to be between rosewood and ebony, with a slightly “snappier” libidibix, being “Slightly brighter than Rosewood but with the same depth and warmth”. Abdominal contraction, induced by i. In the analyses, linoleic acid The authors libidibbia also grateful for the technical assistance of Mrs.

CE did not reveal antitumor activity Figure 1 ; CE and F80 did not reduce tumor weight significantly. After collecting the material, seeds of Libidibia ferrea were separated for extraction.

The saturated fatty acids were found in a minor concentration in LF extract. Inhibitory effects of the standard drugs, dexamethasone and piroxicam, CE, and F80 in relation to the control group for NO production. In formalin-induced licking test, LPLF demonstrated inhibition in both early and late phases. A crude, aqueous extract CE was prepared using pod powder in 0.


Analgesic activity of Psychotria colorata Willd. All experiments reported in this study were carried out in accordance with current guidelines for the care of laboratory animals and ethical guidelines for investigation of experimental pain in conscious animals.

This method is simple and reliable and affords rapid evaluation of peripheral analgesic action [ 42 ]. In guitar making, pau ferro is not only used for fingerboards or bridges but also can be used for the back and sides of the acoustic guitar.

Table of Contents Alerts. LPLF was given orally p.

Libidibia ferrea

In summary, Libidibia ferrea seeds store linoleic, oleic, linolenic, palmitoleic, palmitic, stearic, and capric fatty lbiidibia, mainly in the cotyledon, macrosclereids, and thicker cell walls. Roots are utilized as antipyretic and treatment of diarrhea. Cytotoxicity The assays revealed that, at Modulating leukocyte recruitment in inflammation. View at Google Scholar J. Libidibia ferrea is a known popular used plant for treatment of different pain related injuries.

Furthermore, the antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory effects demonstrated in the present study contributed to the ethnomedical uses of L. Fedrea open however the seeds inside are relatively easy to germinate.

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