Registro Declarativo Oponibilidad Novedades: Registración del dominio fiduciario. Nuevos Documentos inscribibles. Fideicomiso en el Nuevo. Partes 1) Fideicomitente o Fiduciante: 9) Modalidades del Fideicomiso Tipología alternativa de fideicomisos: 11) Jurisprudencia Judicial. FIDEICOMISO INMOBILIARIO Definición Art. Cuando una parte, llamada fiduciante, transmite o se compromete a transmitir la propiedad.

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The Resolution is a comprehensive text that regulates all the procedures that are carried out by the PR and include all prior individual regulations of the PR adapting such regulation in the Resolution to the amendments to the corporate laws provided in the Fideicomisp and the ACL. Amendments to the Matrimonial Property Regime. The forced heirship portion is a portion of the estate that law reserves for certain heirs forced heirs.

Action for revocation, in the event that fraud onto creditors be executed by virtue of a trust, does not present, in accordance with scholarly opinions reviewed, any particularities that might differentiate it from any other kind of action for fraud that were to be lodged, in accordance with regulations contained in sections to of the Civil Code. However, the management and disposal of shared property belongs to the spouse that has acquired them. Article provides for the fiduciary duties or directors and members of the entity.

The same action proceeds whenever final disposition of assets executed through a trust is of a profitable nature, given the fact that in order that actions by title 2444 gratuitously be annulled it suffices to prove lej the aforesaid were carried out at the time trustor was in a state of insolvency, pursuant to section of the Civil Code.

Public entities are the Federal State, the Provinces, the City of Buenos Aires, the municipalities, autarchic entities, foreign states, organizations created by public international law, and the Catholic Church.

For the calculation of the portion corresponding to each descendent only claimed gifts, which were made days prior to his birth or, the birth of the ascendant to whom he represents, will be fkdeicomiso into account. The Resolution and this whole new registration system will come into effect on November 2 , however, certain regulations are applicable since August 3,such as:.


Forced portions The new Code modifies the reserved portions as follows: The new CCC is quite different than the ones we had for over years and the legislative technique is quite different; the former code had notes explaining the rationale under each article. En resumen, tenemos varios cambios por digerir en muy poco tiempo.

There was a vacuum of power. Trust and Insolvency Proceedings in Argentina 1 Prof. In this sense, the CCC provides that the following are the main attributes of private entities are: Pursuant to Sectionif there are only descendants or ascendants, the portion available will be calculated in accordance with the applicable reserved portions. The regime terminates upon dissolution of marriage or by modifying the regime agreed on between the spouses.

Index of /archivo/2016/legislacion/nacional

dideicomiso El CCC introduce varias modificaciones que pueden afectar a nuestros clientes. Therefore, in this case, the trustee is strictly liable for the damage caused by the risk or defect of the assets held in trust.

Notwithstanding this, Section expressly prohibits the creation of trusts over future inheritance. However, future inheritances cannot be held in trust. If there are heirs with different forced portions, the portion available will be calculated in accordance with the greater reserved portion.

It implies an ancillary right to the main legal relationship that follows the path inherent to former but does however not annul or amend said prevailing relationship.


The main new introductions of the CCC are the following: Each spouse is not entitled to receive any personal assets belonging to the other spouse upon dissolution of the leu partnership. The fund is not vested with legal personality whereby it cannot be subject to insolvency proceedings. However, in our opinion, the contractual regime may perfectly provide for applicability of bankruptcy proceedings onto said assumption.


Kirchner died in and in his wife was reelected for another four-year term. Thus, trust assets are exempt from singular or joint proceedings on the part of creditors of the four abovementioned individuals who take part in the trust section 15 TA.

The trustee may also be a trust beneficiary: These proceedings may be also initiated when the decedent has left no assets upon his death, but has made gifts. The amendments concerning the marriage property regime included in the CCC give individuals greater freedom in matters of management and disposal of property.

Were the assignment of the claim to be executed during the period of suspicion, the act might be deemed as not opposable for bankruptcy creditors and, if applicable, the assigned credit should be incorporated into the bankrupt estate. In order to better understand this connection it is necessary to previously refer to separation of assets or appropriation assets included in our civil and commercial regimes.

In accordance, by virtue of the fact that both receiver and managing corporations are legal entities, these can indeed be declared bankrupt, however, fund property is excluded from pertinent proceedings. In order to purchase registered assets real estate, trademarks, planes, vehicles, ships, etc. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. It is a safe, speedy and transparent system that eliminates multiplicity of secured creditors with the practical complications that are derived from such an occurrence.

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