Phone, Suggest a phone number Legiunea Arhanghelului Mihail. Political Ideology. Unofficial Page. Legiunea Arhanghelului Mihail. Posts about Legiunea Arhanghelului Mihail. There are no. One source of continued instability in Romania was Corneliu Zelea Codreanu’s pro-Nazi Legiunea Arhanghelului Mihail and its paramilitary wing, the Garda de. Legiunea „Arhanghelului Mihail“ has 4 ratings and 0 reviews. Solid construita documentar, impecabila metodologic, lucrarea de fata este, probabil, cea ma.

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University of Wisconsin Press pp. The royal dictatorship lasted just over one year. Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging Greyshirts Ossewabrandwag.

Codreanu was arrested and imprisoned in Apriland ultimately strangled to death along with several other legionnaires by their Gendarmerie escort on the night of November 29—30,purportedly arhanghe,ului an attempt to escape from prison. It was then that he founded the Legion of the Archangel Michael. The mysticism of the Legion led to a cult of death, martyrdom and self-sacrifice.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. University of Wisconsin Press. However, this new man was very different in conception. Sima demanded that the government follow the ‘legionary spirit’, and all major offices arhanhhelului held by legionaries. King Carol II was strongly opposed to the Legion’s political aims and successfully kept them out of government until he himself was forced to abdicate in Indiana University Press,p.

Instead, they wanted to recreate and purify the way of thinking in order adhanghelului bring the whole nation closer to God.

The Iron Guard is currently commemorated in Romania and elsewhere through permanent public displays monuments and street names as well as public distinctions such as posthumous honorary citizenship dedicated to some of its members.


Paperbackpages. On the 27th November more than 60 former dignitaries or officials were executed in Jilava prison while awaiting trial; historian and former prime minister Nicolae Iorga and economic theorist Virgil Madgearualso a former government minister, were assassinated the following day. Ion Gigurtu ‘s government, formed July 4,was the first to include a Legion member, but by the time the movement achieved any formal power, most of its leadership was already dead: The Borderlands of Romania and the Soviet Unionp.

Frunza Bogdan marked it as to-read Mar 23, In this schema, the Legionnaire might have to perform actions beyond the simple will to fight, suppressing the preserving instinct for the sake of the country. Published by Humanitas first published The leaders of the Iron Guard often wore traditional peasant costumes with crucifixes and bags of Romanian soil around their necks to emphasise their commitment to authentic Romanian folk values, in marked contrast to Romania’s Francophile elite who preferred to dress in the style of the latest fashions of Paris.

After a long period of confusion, Sima, representing the Legion’s less radical wing, overcame all competition and assumed leadership, being recognised as such on 6 September by the Legionary Forum, a body created at his initiative.

Legiunea „Arhanghelului Mihail“

Fascist Activism in Interwar Romaniap. Utilizing marches, religious processions, patriotic and partisan hymns and anthems, along with volunteer work and charitable campaigns in rural areas, in support of Anti-communism, the League presented itself as an alternative to corrupt parties. Unlike other fascist movements of the time, the Iron Guard was purposely anti-Semitic, promoting the idea that “Rabbinical aggression against the Christian world” in “unexpected ‘protean forms’: Particularly gruesome was the murder of dozens of Jewish civilians in the Bucharest slaughterhouse.


On 14 Januaryarhwnghelului securing approval in person from Hitler, and with support of the Romanian army and other political leaders, Antonescu moved in. As part of the deal, Antonescu was named the Legion’s honorary leader, while Sima became deputy premier.

Waves of repression almost completely arhanghelu,ui the Legion’s original leadership bypromoting second-rank members to the forefront. Journalist Edward Behr claimed that in earlya secret agreement was signed by the leaders of the exiled Iron Guard in displaced persons DP camps in Germany and Austria and the Romanian Communist Party, under which the all of the Iron Guards in the DP camps except for those accused of the murder of Communists could return home to Romania in exchange for which the former Iron Guards would work as thugs to terrorize the anti-communist opposition as part of the plans for the ultimate Communist take-over of Romania.

Monografia, aparuta in la o cunoscuta editura muncheneza, a fost la origine o teza de doctorat.

Rădăcinile intelectuale ale legionarismului

Arhanghwlului reconstituie si explica faptele din perspectiva unui istoric al fascismului international si a unui intelectual liberal, in sensul larg al termenului. A History of Fascism, — The name “Garda de Fier” is also used by a small, Romanian nationalist group, active in the post- communist era.

Views Read Edit View history. BucharestKingdom of Romania. Romania was proclaimed a ” National Legionary State “, with the Legion as the country’s only legal party.

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