The Life of the Cosmos has ratings and 42 reviews. David said: Lee Smolin presents an interesting hypothesis that attempts to explain why the fundame. CHAPTER ONE. The Life of the Cosmos. By LEE SMOLIN Oxford University Press. Read the Review. LIGHT and LIFE. Science is, above everything else. The life of the cosmos / by Lee Smolin. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN X. ISBN (Pbk.) 1. Cosmology.

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The Life of the Cosmos – Lee Smolin – Oxford University Press

It is partly for this reason that the question of the existence of life becomes central to the twentieth century revolution in physics. This page is a stub. In modern times, scientists tell us that forces do the same. You tell it the dimension of spacetime, and something about how the world should look.

At that point we must turn to some different strategies if science is to progress. Really looking forward to his more recent work now! I There are many universes that can give rise to new universes and II the laws of Nature are mutable. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theorists can analyze the effects of such a variation through calculations and computer simulations. Although his theory more of a hypothesis reallyseems testable, it has too many assumptions, and the assumptions are what lie to be falsifiable, not the theory itself.

Often the sentences have to be read twice to unravel exactly what is meant, and even then the reader still can’t be sure.


In Vidal’s CAS hypothesis, our current cosmic blueprint would be expected to have been at least partly fine-tuned, by previous universe-creating intelligence and our own future intelligence, using extensive computer simulations, for the production of universes that are robust to the production of intelligence. Also the book isn’t very succinct, and ideas are scattered all over the place which makes it less coherent to read. We humans must live in one of these special universes.

In summary, it is refreshing to have a work that provokes such deep thinking on the behalf of the reader. The first part of the book is very descriptive and goes through the history of science and has many definitions some of which, like the gauge principle, I couldn’t understand. Smolin theorizes that these descendant universes will be likely to have similar fundamental physical parameters to the parent universe such as the fine structure constantthe proton to electron mass ratio and others but that these parameters, and perhaps the laws that derive from them, may be slightly altered in some stochastic fashion during the replication process.

That life arose from a simpler world seems the ultimate miracle. The Life of the Cosmos Lee Smolin. One of the main objectives of this book is to explain why the universe is what it is.

This daughter universe would have fundamental constants and parameters oife to that of the parent universe though with some changes, providing for both inheritance and mutations as required by natural selection.

The theory predicts that Nature’s parameters should be optimized for black hole production.

The Life of the Cosmos

Lofe the late ‘s we have had empirical evidence observation of distant supernovae as standard candlesand the mapping of the cosmic microwave background that universal expansion is not slowing but is in fact accelerating via dark energy dynamics. All but the lightest elements were forged in stars.


The idea that life is not reducible to physics seems a remnant of the Greek and Christian cosmologies in which earth and sky are made from different essences. For example, here are some sentences from a typical paragraph: The explosions produce the carbon, oxygen and nitrogen necessary for life.

But what I found perhaps more interesting was the feel one gets for the way in which men such as Tne construct their thoughts, and it gives a more humanist perspective on the theories rather than just numbers and equations. The Greeks could only dream of a science in which the properties of anything in the world could be explained by decomposing it into its ths.

During this time we have come to see it as the route to answering all the most fundamental questions about nature.

Why is it that the universe is filled with stars? C Lee Smolin All rights reserved. Views Read View source View history.

Mar 01, John Trefry rated it it was amazing. Maybe one day, physicists will achieve rhe understanding that does explain the values of Nature’s parameters in a simple way. The Life of the Cosmos Oxford paperbacks.

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