Sophie’s Choice has ratings and reviews. Julie said: We are like lutes once held by away from His warm bodyfully explains our co. : LA DECISION DE SOPHIE: RO In Broché. Etat d’usage, Couv. convenable, Dos plié, Intérieur frais. pages. Premier plat . LA DECISION DE SOPHIE. Volumen II by STYRON, William and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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The assault happens in public, in the dark, on the subway. He has just the tendency willuam be overly melodramatic like Pat Conroy’s The Prince of Tides but at least his characters are multi-dimensional. Heinrich Himmler founded the Lebensborn edcision on December 12,the same year the Nuremberg Laws outlawed intermarriage with Jews and others who were deemed inferior. Translated by Andreas Michel; Mark S. Half a dozen times and I would have barely noticed, but the word pops up what felt like a hundred times.

I feel like it would be bordering on sacrilegious for me to not like this book, due to the subject but the fact is- I wasn’t in love with it. Anyway, the wolliam story, of course, is Sophie. Nathan will come to praise Stingo’s writing giving him the confidence to complete what will become his first novel, Styron’s Lie Down in Darkness.

Sophie’s Choice

We worry about the outcome Sophie’s Choice: I’m also surprised at the sexual content. First, I ran the race and finished!

National Book Award for Fiction With: His search lands him in a boarding house in Brooklyn, a time when trees still grew there. Burn in hell, you Nazis. Australian Journal of Politics and History. That said, I am well aware that Stingo is here to represent the naive American juxtaposed with the worldly wise and world weary European perspective of Sophie a Polish Catholicand that Stingo brings with him the American South’s dark chapter of the history of slavery to parallel the Holocaust.


The reveal of this information instantly brought a comparison of Stingo to Quentin Compson. What starts to unravel, ever so cleverly, ever so smoothly, is that Stingo losing his aophie is NOT the plot.

La decisión de Sophie

Her family history, how she ended up in a concentration camp she is not Jewishthe almost unfathomable decision she is forced to make while there, and how this secret changes who she is. Williak might even argue that it’s a gift, given to us by God. It drives Stingo to distraction. I certainly don’t begrudge a man looking out his window at fully dressed women in broad daylight.

Neither the happy children or the sad children have a choice in the matter. He must move to more affordable lodging.

Because of hopethat someday everything will be alright knowing in her heart that that’s not possible, rendering herself ever on the verge of ending her perdurable life, which seemed so irrelevant, precarious, merciless.

It was less engaging than I anticipated it being and parts of it were rather difficult for me to get through. Sophie’s Choice reads like an addictive drama, sucking people in and slowly latching onto their hearts – and at the end, all heck breaks loose.

Even so, the friction between the fictional and real-life elements that Styron mixes is so jarring that it can uncomfortably draw attention to itself. The narrator, Stingo, reveals stuff little by little but only in a way that is sure to make everything more meladramatic and painful. I think he’s kind of a pansy to be honest.

To write is impossible. There are no clear heroes and villains among them. University of Minnesota Press. When man is plunged into realms that transcend reason, sanity or faith and the very notion of existence becomes a ludicrous thought? It is when he begins to crash that his Mr.


Could someone be doing it right now? Among his scant belongings is an unopened box of condoms upon which he casts a wistful look from time to time. It was so tiresome reading hint after ominous hint about what was going to happen.

That is a question worth thinking about. The trauma experienced by a Polish woman at Auschwitz, the ideological dilemmas a Southerner-turned-New Yorker and writer must confront, the double life an intellectual Northerner must live, are all compiled to highlight the psychological feat of this novel. I loved this beautiful book.

The ‘growing pains’ of Stingo were not where my interest was centered. Turns out that Mr. We really need to understand that it’s only humans who are capable of such atrocities and it’s only humans who can endure them.

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La decisión de Sophie : William Styron :

The “choice” Sophie had to make was a hellish one and unlike some reviewers here, I was deeply affected and I thought it explained a lot about her character. Especially hope, the hypocritical, stalker of a wily worm hope which creeps in like a disguised devil to fill you up with a sense of redemption, holding in abeyance the banal devil this life is. Quotes from Sophie’s Choice. I’ve told you that. This is me making reflections as I am now, at fifty, looking back at the me I was then, at twenty: The movie was indeed wonderful, but the book is so much richer and more detailed and Styron’s mastery of this compelling narrative is marvelous to behold.

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