It took me over 6 months to dig into every aspect of the “prototypes” (the leaves of the big tree). Then I could build more complex patches (the branches of the. The preeminent DSP system is Kyma by Symbolic Sound. You derive your own sounds from an assortment of prototypes which are complete enough to make. Our work is largely experimental, and is not intended to substitute the excellent Kyma spectral processing native prototypes. Rather, we hope to extend them into .

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Everything started when I received a software called Kyma from Symbolic Sound. As I was reading Kyma X Revealed! Then I could build more complex patches the branches of the tree depending on my needs and write little scripts in kyma language to control my sounds algorithmically.

Sound Effects Recording & Sound Design Blog

For example, a sound can be just a parameter of another sound parameter that controls one parameter of a totally different sound. This was a very good learning experience that opened my mind on what a sound actually is: Frequencies and amplitudes are nothing else than a sequence of digits that can be modified mathematically.

So, I downloaded a few trailers I found interesting in terms of visual texture and dynamic, converted them into quicktime DV, brought them up in a ProTools session and started to record while performing my sounds in real time on picture. I really wanted to go further and use some fresh sounds instead of picking up from my libraries. This includes spring coils and slinkies, electromagnetic fields recorded with guitar pickups, neonodium magnets, motors, servos, gadgets and gizmos, metal impacts and underwater metal impacts, wobble boards, car doors, washing machines, sewing machines, dumpsters, bungee cords, elastics, slingshots, balloons, wine glasses, chairs, winds dragging bags on carpets etc.

Obviously, only a little percentage of that was used, because some of it was intended for some other projects. I was going through my libraries listening to ratchets when I came down on an click of an old 35mm camera. I decided to record a recent Canon model click and tweak it in a sample freezer that I have previously built in Kyma.


I record in real time a long performance that I cut on picture afterwards. The vocoder has been used for decades and decades and is well known for making synthetic robot voices. I found interesting with Kyma how the vocoder could be clear and bright when you turn a lot of band-pass filters on. If you slide the frequency content of your source, it turns your engine into a turbine and I thought that was working really good for the motorbikes in the the Tron Legacy sequence.

Echos and Delays are really fun to play with. Try to delay a sound under 30 ms and add a bit of feedback to it. In order to get variations, multiply an amplitude envelope or a LFO to your feedback to make your sound interesting. If you understand the logic of your plugin, you have a chance to reproduce it in Kyma. Everything runs in series but each block has his own bypass toggle.

It goes right away in Kyma and returns on a record track within Pro Tools. From Left to right: Is it faders as controllers or something else? Did you program that software? It sounds like you did a lot of research on the frequency domain and it reminds me a bit the Michael Norris plug-in suite.

Thanks Lematt for the tips. Working with the Kyma like you, i tried your first sound and found the way to make frozen sound but how vocalize them?? I really like the Kyma info thanks for sharing as I got one too.

Thanks for the free scapes sound bank and I just saw transform so will probably buy that kmya.

Hey Jean-Edouard… any chance you can prottoypes your Sounds to Kyma:: Tweaky and let me know, or email me direct in either case? I would even be willing to pay money for these patches from you so I could pull them apart and have them as a starting point for my own sounds. Im trying to emulate your Wall-E patch…. Just wanna comment that you have a very nice websiteI love the pattern it actually stands out. Sound Design Digging in Kyma.


A mix of my favourite ones: Running an engine through a Vocoder.

Digging in Kyma. | Jean-Edouard Miclot

Evil echos and delays. Building your own blocks.

Virtual Control Surface Interface. Brad Hillman August 28th, Sweet action Jed, this is a great blog! Danijel August 29th, Hi Jean, This all sounds like it could be done with SpectrumWorx!

Jean-Edouard September 3rd, Jean-Edouard September 12th, Hi Jean, Working with the Kyma like you, i tried your first sound and found the way to make frozen sound but how vocalize them?? I really like the Kyma info thanks for sharing as I got one toogreat reel by the way.

Thanks for the free scapes sound bank and I just saw transform so will probably buy that too Keep up the good work!

Julian May 4th, Josh May 22nd, Jean-Edouard Miclot June 18th, Thank you for your patience. Steve July 20th, Hi J-ed, would be great see some of the sounds as a post! GiGi March 2nd, Thanks a lot in advance and keep coming with these! Cheers from Italy, gg.

Distressor April 10th, Just started using Kyma. Where is the best place for tutorial projects? Click here to cancel reply. E-MAIL required – will not be published.

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