1 INSTANT GRATIFICATION 1 ABOUT THIS MANUAL 2 WHAT IS A 1 1 GLOBAL SETTINGS 17 MASTER TUNING 17 V KORG Wavestation a little bit about how the MDE works- The MDE has four inputs (A – D) arranged as. The Korg Wavestation A/D was an improved version of the classic Wavestation and Wavestation EX. It features XLR inputs and it’s possible to run external. on the original WAVESTATION series, delivering a perfect reproduction of the . Manual: Displays this Owner’s Manual. operating manual or the KORG App Help Center. 3. his sets the pitch of the waveform used by a patch, and ad-.

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If you are using an older sequencer or other MIDI processor and filtering out Controllers, Bank Selects will probably be filtered out as well. In a live situation with a single MIDI controller, however, this can be impractical. All RAM cards must be formatted before being used in the Wavestation. It also invokes the ‘Terformance is edited” warning on the top line.

Korg Wavestation A/D – Korg – Encyclotronic

Flip the switch on the back of the card before attempting to write to it and remember to flip it back after you’re done! Since the ear is less waevstation in the bass KORG Wavestation Player’s Guide and treble ranges, most acoustic pianos and some electric pianos are actually stretch tuned.

Wwvestation 3 is the sustain point Only when the key is released does the envelope proceed from point 3 to point 4.

The Wavestation is perfect for sound design: The RAM banks are backed up with a long-life lithium battery. The Mix Envelope implements Vector Synthesis by allowing you to set the relative loudness of each oscillator at each of five break-points. For more about Wave Sequences, please see Chapter 9.

Since this page is at the top level, you will eventually return here. ZOOM will appear to tell you that you are viewing a compressed graphic. The total Wave Sequence memory per bank is steps.


You can also name, clear, or maanual a patch from this page. This means that it recognizes data received on any of the 16 MIDI channels. Inspired by one of the Sequential Circuits Prophets perhaps? There are 50 Performances in each bank, so you have a minimum of Performances available – if a Performance Card is in use.

For details on specific effects parameters, please refer to the Reference Guide. Generally, any action that alters memorized data needs to be confirmed. Kassera anvant batteri enligt fabrikantens Instruktion. It seems that such a system, if you could pull it off, would be capable of some astonishing sounds. They show you where to go to immediately make the most useful changes – such as editing filter brightness or amplifier velocity response — or to play with the fun things like Vector Synthesis and Wave Sequencing.

Other Media Files : Korg WaveStation A/D

In this case the Wavestation is almost a semitone flat. Commands X X X Aux: For the other global parameters, please see the Reference Guide. Do not modify the plug provided with the product — if it does not fit the outlet, have a proper outlet installed by a qualified electrteian.

Bank Selects will happen automatically.

Part 1 would sound fromPart 2 fromand so on. Play Mode is a powerful option which lets each Part customize whether it plays locally only, only sends MIDI out, or does both. When you change to a smaller structure, data for unused oscillators is erased. And, Wave Sequences are treated just like manuwl waves, so you can still apply Vector Synthesis two- dimensional mixing manusl the four-track Wave Sequence. If in doubt about your line voltage, please contact your dealer.

Thus, even with only one Patch, up to four of these wave korh can play simultaneously during a single note. However, to learn to program the Wavestation, it is probably easier to reverse that order, start with Performances and work backwards in signal flow, or down the menu structure.

A Wave Sequence is simply a list which programs an oscillator to play specific PCM waves in succession. Up to 6 simultaneous digital effects, with dynamic modulation. Now you start from scratch.


Wavestation A/D manual in English –

So, one of the first things to try to do to a Performance is to select different Patches for its eight Parts. Well, this kind of power is exactly what the Wavestation’s Wave Sequencing mode provides, although instead of requiring a MIDI setup full of synthesizers and samplers, all the selection and mixing occurs seamlessly, digitally, within one highly-integrated instrument. For example, you can easily control reverb or flanging depth from a footpedal. This is true for all values: Monophonic and polyphonic af tertouch are recognized but may or may not have an obvious effect, depending on the specific Patches which are programmed into the current Performance.

The current Performance is shown in large letters for easy reading at a distance. The product has been exposed to rain; or D. This product, either alone or in combination with an amplifier and headphones or speakers, may be capable of producing sound levels that could cause permanent hearing loss. Wave Sequences are always automatically saved, so it is not necessary to manually save them. A moderate use of this parameter helps to imitate this.

Excellent Jaco Pastorius style fusion bass, clean sound and round-wound strings. This lets wavestztion implement “stretch,” “shrink,” and even using negative slope values inverse tunings. Pitch, Filter, Amplifier, and Pan. Note that you can’t enter a Performance number larger than 49, since all performances are numbered 49 or less.

If a Performance is heavily layered and you choose a soft Patch, the change may not be obvious.

Performance name with audio demo. For “wah” type effects, you can modulate the midrange frequency. Remember that this Macro can only do its work if the filter output contains enough waveestation material in the first place. ENV 1 Mod Amount:

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