View and Download Korg O1/W FD owner’s manual online. O1/W FD Synthesizer pdf manual download. Also for: 01/w. Korg 01WFD 01W Owners Manual – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book I, I This manual covers both the Ol/WFD and the Ol/W(no FD). Get manuals, specifications, and demos for the Korg 01/W synthesizer. ($). Korg Music Workstation 01/w fd AND 01/W Owner’s manual ($). KORG.

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I will take close up picture of itand post in here. Digital Lowpass Filter, velocity sensitive non-resonant.

Otherwise it looks like it is in good condition. Was not a big seller, its sequencer memory was miniscule and had no external storage.

Effects – 2 Multi FX processors with 47 Digital multi-effects: I know how to handle and deal with electronic part. Apparently they liked that a lot better and made it the official name of the synth.

I know how to DIY, just don’t know exact value of that Cap. Take it to a shop and have it done right. If it’s only broken you should be able to see the color bands. View the Media Kit. Polyphony – 32 voices part multitimbral. I look manuxl the net, but can not find it. Sorry, I can’t help with the manual.


Korg 01/W | Vintage Synth Explorer

You’ve already broken part of it. Guitar and piano sounds are not its manua, points, but the former benefits a lot from the great distortion effect.

I need the schematic and value of some Resistance surface mount on the board. Login or Sign Up. Manual Download the original owner’s manual from SoundProgramming.

01/W FD/Quick Guide

I accidently broke it, while try kory replace battery. I still have all the regular manual, because I bought this 01W fd brand new. Help FAQs Go to top. I try to look around on the web, but can not find it. Keyboard supposedly not working. That included octave, wave-shaping intensity, filter EG, VDA level, attack, release and effects level. I know that resistance mess up, but don’t know the value or part number. And the later mankal also featured an upgraded and much better sounding acoustic piano sound.

Can you post a pic of it? And, make sure you have the proper voltage and microfared value.


If I have schematic of that PCB, then easy for me to mabual parts to replace it. The reason I know those resistance mess up, because first visual inspect of the PCB.

Korg O1/W FD Owner’s Manual

I found this site and read it http: I bought a cheap Korg M1 and it has buttons which aren’t working. I deal it every day. Just need the Service Manual so I want to know what value of those resistors. Although there are 47 different fully assignable effects to choose from, only two are useable at any time, and act globally over all tracks in the sequencer! Don’t break anything else. Sorry, It’s not Resistor, so NO color code. Playing synths means never having to worry about broken strings.

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