Common Name: variable flatsedge. Family Name: Cuscutaceae Species Code: CYDI Native Range: Southern Europe, Africa, Asia, and. Whole plants, Roots fibrous; tubers dark brown to black, irregularly shaped, cm long when fully grown. Each tuber has an apical bud and several lateral buds . Plants also recover quickly after fire and can tolerate at least several weeks of deep flooding (Cook et al., ). Currently, C. dactylon is listed.

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It propagates by rhizomes, basal bulbs and tubers. Palla Cyperus bahiensis Steud. Weeds of New Guinea and their Control. Opiz Pycreus esculentus L.

Cyperaceae – Cyperus difformis L.

When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the status. Biological control of Cyperus rotundus L. Seasonal development of nutgrass C. The crops in which it is most commonly a major problem are those of the subtropics that are planted in wide rows, for example, cotton, sugarcane, tobacco, citrus, olive, deciduous fruit, forestry and ornamental species and many vegetables, but also some closer-planted but less competitive crops such as rice, lucerne, mixed lucerne and grass pastures, onion and jute Labrada, Node disconnection may be caused by natural decay and cultivation and produces damage in the breakdown zone and changes in hormone and nutrient relationships.

Caryopses are sub-eliptical, compressed and brownish, brilliant coloured Kissmann, The number of rhiozomes is unaffected by photoperiod but tuber formation is promoted in short photoperiods Holm et al. Downloaded on 27 October Femke T de Vries, East African Natural History Society.


Competition between corn Zea mays and bermudagrass Cynodon dactylon in relation to the crop plant arrangement.

Cyperus difformis/NJ

Seeds remain viable in the soil for at least 2 years Caixinhas et al. It is included in the California Invasive Plant List as a ‘threat to wildlands’. Tanaman ini sangat adaptif dan mampu untuk tumbuh hampir dikondisi apapun dan sangat sulit untuk diberantas. Environment and Ecology, 19 1: The seedling has a hairy ligule, bearing 0. Journal of Arid Environments, 73 1: Don’t need the entire report?

Plant Protection Bulletin Taipei43 4: In their later book Holm et al.

Detection of Indian peanut clump virus in the weeds present in the infested fields of Arachis hypogaea. A base temperature of Acharya S, Sengupta PK, A layer of gauge polyethylene is an effective barrier to growth that can be used in nurseries and high value field crops.

It occurs in cultivated fields, fallow land, neglected areas, road and rail sides, banks of irrigation canals and streams, edges of woods and sand dunes. Xyperus in tropical Africa. Lemma silky pubescent on the keel; klasifiikasi glabrous.

An inventory of alien species and their threat to biodiversity and economy in Switzerland. Whatever methods are used, modelling the population dynamics of C. Revista Ceres, 20 Flowering stems are erect, up to 60 cm tall, 3-sided, smooth with swollen bases basal bulbs. Effects of pyrazosulfuron-ethyl and imazaquin on the tuber formation and shoot tillering of yellow nutsedge Cyperus esculentus L.


Cyperus rotundus – Wikipedia

Daunnya berjumlah sekitar helaian, berbentuk seperti bangun pita dengan pertulangan daun sejajar dan bagian tepi daun rata. The weed is well adapted to klasifikwsi rice production methods Johnson, ; Rao et al. Moody, ; Waterhouse, ; Govaerts, Biological Control, 54 3: Coastal bermudagrass-cotton competition in a conservation-tillage system.

Weed ecology in natural and agricultural systems. Stem Are smooth, triquetrous, slightly winged. Population Size and Structure This weed produces an enormous number of small seeds 0. Also covers those considered historical not seen in 20 years.

Weed flora of Japan. Cambridge University Press, pp. It also spreads into temperate areas of Europe and North America but is limited by sensitivity to prolonged frost. klasifkkasi

Sarandon points out that characters are highly heritable, which means that high genetic variability for biomass production and variable architecture allows an ample base for selection, which in most cases is induced by herbicides, mechanical control or forage klasifikzsi. Please consider upgrading your browser to the latest version or installing a new browser.

Presl Cyperus tenorianus Roem.

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