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Results and discussion In the course of this investigation several models were developed using kfulm anal- ysis. As can be noticed from Table 4, all three models are statistically significant at alpha 0. Secondly, participants were Arab male students only, with little background in English.

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It is our hope that, due to lack of research in this area, the data presented in this study will serve as a starting point, and hopefully contribute to the field of mathematics education. Furthermore, the findings in this study may help university administrations mathh policy making regarding student placement into academic programmes after com- pleting the preparatory year, and in streamlining and prioritising the syllabus. Thirdly, the variables examined here are certainly not exhaustive and other factors such as student reading habits, level of motivation, etc.

Our focus in this study is on students taking the Calculus I strand. This has shown that adding other variables including academic Term in the model add only around three per cent to the model. Our students are also recognized as one of the mtah prestigious student groups in the Kingdom. Log In Sign Up.

For completion of the analyses, a regression model with only the academic vari- ables in the model was fitted with each of the variables in Table 6 added in last to see the effect of the matu in question when other academic variables are already used as predictors of Calculus I performance.


The relation between linguistic clarity and mathematics performance, Dissertation Abstract International, kfypm 7 At the university entry level, different Middle Eastern universities use different programmes to bridge the gap that this language switch may cause. This result corroborates with many studies in the literature Begle, ; Tuli, ; Jamison, ; Kelly, ; Soares, ; Yushau, kfipm Other independent variables include the academic Term,, and in which the students took Calculus I.

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Skip to main content. How- ever, students are given a maximum of three semesters to complete the programme. Summary of the value of each coefficient with standard jath, t-statistics, and p-value.

Click here to sign up. If there is anything I can do, don’t hesitate to call me at or e-mail me. Lastly, the interaction effects E1E2T32 is also significant.

However, only the pertinent models are reported here. Among the academic terms, semester appears to be the only significant term when compared to the reference term So, no at- tempt was made to qualitatively kfupk interviews or classroom observations inves- tigate the same problem.

Please feel free to explore our site and hope you find it useful. This interaction appears to subtract from the gradient of the regression line representing MATH at Term The first column of Table 5 is the name of the variable, followed by degree of freedom, the estimate of the parameter, standard error, and the associated t-value, and p-value.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Can student aptitude and attitude assist in placing students in appropriate advanced placement mathematics courses?

The implications of this finding for academic policy are discussed. In addition, ktupm take courses related to graphics, a mechanical engineering workshop, and physical education during the preparatory year.


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After passing the preparatory-year courses, students follow two different mathe- matics strands. Findings from a survey of the empirical literature.

An exploration of extra and classroom variables for three measures of college mathematics achievement academic achievementDissertation Abstract International, 55 9 The effect of learning mathematics in a second language on reasoning ability, Dissertation Abstract International, 33 6 Number of students from each Term.

Consequently, all students admitted to KFUPM are required 00 complete a one-year preparatory programme before starting their undergraduate studies. The most common approach is a one-year prepara- tory programme. In addition to the M2 effect, the interaction effect of the variables M1 and M2 implies that, beyond that already explained by M2, the com- mon core concepts and skills found in kfupj preparatory-year mathematics curriculum as represented in both mathematics courses are crucial as a predictor of Calculus I per- formance.

This should give some empirical support to the new kfup, in the preparatory year that for a student to go to either an engineering or a computer-related course, he should get at least a passing grade of D in MATH and C in MATH as a placement requirement. Another variable included in the study is the role of the semester in which magh take the first cal- culus courses.

As noted earlier, surprisingly ENGL and MATH did not contribute sig- nificantly to the best model as stand-alone effects, but their joint effects with other variables can be readily seen as crucial predictors of success in the Calculus I course.

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