Well, during my shop search a dealer offered me a Kawai CA65 for $ less than a Kawai CA It’s new aswell, probably left from an old. The new Kawai CA65 and CA95 models replace the previous CA instruments, of which the CA93 was named one of the top 20 products in the. Kawai CA65 average used price. Warning. The prices quoted in the private classified ads on Audiofanzine are not necessarily the actual retail prices.

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New Topics – Multiple Forums. Is the pedal cable detachable on the Kawai CA65? The new Concert Artist offers a highly detailed acoustic portrait, with Harmonic Imaging XL technology ensuring smooth tonal transitions across the keyboard and throughout the entire dynamic range.

I currently have a CA67 and for the next ten years, I do not see any upgrade unless, I wear this one out. Let’s help each other Though the CA78 is two generations newer, I’d say the changes are really more refinement than revolutionary. I recently bought a Kawai CA65 secondhand. The look, feel, and even the smell cca65 wooden keys furnish the Concert Artist with an organic quality that helps the player to feel a closer connection with their piano.

With the latest Harmonic Imaging XL sound sampling, remarkable note polyphony, and brand new reverberation and resonance kawi effects, the new Concert Artist delivers unparalleled acoustic realism that is guaranteed to enthral performers and audience members alike. The Touch of a Grand Piano The keyboard action of an acoustic grand piano is composed of black and white keys, graded hammers, and numerous other components working in harmony when each note is pressed.

So maybe that’s what the previous owner did with the cable and where you need to look for it?

Kawai Announces CA65 and CA95 Models

You should probably take that up with the seller. MP11SE Modifications by dmd. And a move to the same updated model is in a number of ways more of a “sidegrade” than an true upgrade. And that brings me to the Kawai CA In addition, a traditional Kawai upright piano sound is also included for pieces that suggest a feeling of nostalgia, or call for a slightly more intimate tonal character.

  JBL 2269H PDF

Might be worth it, depending on your taste. Regards, Kevin anything goes.

Kawai Announces the CA65 and CA95 Digital Pianos

Originally Posted by ConstantGardener Hi, I am having difficulty finding the correct thread or create one here. Finally, wooden keys are inherently special.

The thread had now been co-opted by a different poster with a different question about the CA65’s pedal. For them it was obviously worth it and the money involved had less significance than it would have had for a poorer person. Triple-sensor key detection Complementing the grand piano-class key pivot length, the Grand Feel action also features a new triple-sensor key detection system for enhanced playing realism.

If this is missing for whatever reason, it will need to be reattached.

Having said that, we all need to treat ourselves now and again, so if your heart is set on the idea, then go for it. The sound is ‘better’ in a If your pedal unit doesn’t have this cable, then someone must have cut or ripped it off.

The answer to your question is: Unrivalled grand touch, breathtaking acoustic tone, kwai traditional design, and inspirational modern features. But the manual also shows that the lose end of the cable is stowed away underneath the pedal board before the piano is assembled.

Appreciating Acoustic Piano Design Standing proudly amongst other items of fine furniture, a piano is often considered the centrepiece of any room it occupies. Unlike plastics and most other man-made substances, wood possesses unique characteristics that allow it to absorb a degree of movement energy and flex slightly when compressed.

To achieve kadai ambition, every aspect of the xa65 Concert Artist has either been redeveloped or significantly improved, ensuring that this flagship instrument provides the most authentic playing experience of any digital piano.


Kawai CA-78 B negro

I’m just asking for opinions here, and of course I have to thoroughly test it when my out-of-town store gets it in stock. The volume balances and other settings for each playing mode can also be adjusted quickly and easily using the real-time panel controls. The action is excellent. Just stay with the CA65 and keep your money for something in a different class, like the Novus or Avantgrand In 2 years: These useful connectivity options allow the instrument to be enjoyed in larger settings such as churches or school halls, and provide greater flexibility when using computers and other audio devices.

If you’re a beginner, I think it’s wise of the teacher to put you off of trying to make a “lifetime purchase” now. Furthermore, this moisture is absorbed without dirt or grease permeating the surface, allowing the keytops to be wiped clean easily using just a damp cloth.

Therefore, in order to construct a realistic acoustic portrait of the EX concert grand piano, not only is each key recorded individually, but also at various different volume levels, ranging from gentle pianissimo to thunderous fortissimo. Save the money, do something better with it, get a better instrument in a couple of years. Knabe Piano by Dre And when you play for an audience the internal sound will do just fine.

As a player who’s technique is only starting to be developed, she said, it will take me three years of serious study before I even begin to reach the maturity required to make a buying decision on an ultra-expensive piano.

The amount of force applied to this switch is then measured, and the corresponding note played with authentic tonal character and volume. Which means that you were ripped off when you bought the piano. Ca5Global ModMod.

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