Lacoste-Inosanto Kali is a system of martial arts developed by Dan Inosanto consisting of many distinct systems of Filipino Martial Arts. Martial arts Medina, martial arts training in Medina Ohio by Filipino Kali. Join us for this special workshop, with Kevin Pinkerton, one of our students, who will share his extensive background in martial arts and as a student under the.

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So climb your own path true and strong, but respect all other truths for your way for them could be wrong. Sifu Louis Kali Combat System is the most effective and complete martial art system that I have ever trained in.

Martial Arts Academy Muelheim Schultenhofstr. Views Read Edit View history.

In my opinion, there is nowhere else you can experience this type of full spectrum of martial arts training. He is a huge supporter of the law enforcement community and understands the types of combat situations we face.

September 7, By admin. Our mission is to provide top quality training in both external and internal functional Martial Arts for people who are looking to improve all facets of their lives.

There has only been a very few select people that has had an influence in my life and I am proud to say Sifu Louis is one of them. I wanted to learn a style that was practical and useful in real life and inosxnto enforcement situations. Risto Hietala — puhelin: I was looking for a fighting style that translates well to a real life combat scenario. Esimerkiksi Wing Chunin harjoittelu parantaa samalla harjoittelijan Kali-tekniikoita.


Dan Inosanto

The techniques are being trained with sticks and knifes which particularly train coordination, fast reactions and flexibility. Inosanto was teacher to Bruce Lee, introducing him to nunchaku. Nyt sinullakin on mahdollisuus oppia monipuolista ja realistista itsepuolustusta valtuutettujen opettajien ohjauksessa. It is our true belief that each individual has the right to self-defense and self-preservation. Victor Gendrano Celebration April 7, By admin. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Is Your School Listed Here? His system is very empowering for women and children, and I now trust my abilities to defend myself. I achieved my black belt this year and have made many friends along the way.

Cookies help us deliver our services. I have been studying under Sifu Louis for over 6 years. If you want to learn an art that prepares you for real inosantl, come in for a visit.

Inosanto holds Instructor or black belt level ranks in several martial arts.

Proud Wife and Mother. Email for klai information. Learning this system has greatly improved my overall confidence as well as being a great way to stay in shape and reduce daily work stress. First, the system that Sifu Louis teaches is perfect for all aspects and ranges of combat. Stockton, CaliforniaUnited States.


Only 4 more sleeps and then I go to Lil Ninjas! Some paths are short and others are long, who can say which path is right inosahto wrong?

No katas or forms are required. I have learned stand up and ground fighting, as well as weapons fighting and defenses, since the first class. The styles and movements are scientific, yet so simplistic and economic. We have an exclusive store for Event Kaali and and exclusive store for Merchandise.

Dan Inosanto – Wikipedia

The best thing that I love about the art is that inodanto is very versatile and it covers all ranges of fighting in empty hand as well as weapon, and Sifu maintains a reality-based approach to training and implementation at all times in every class. Return to top of page. The inksanto I Am Bruce Lee provided Inosanto an opportunity to reveal a little-known fact about the friendship the two men shared. Uli Winterhalter Gewerbepark H.

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