After several years of searching, I finally own the first Jovian Chronicles book for Mekton II. It only cost me $9 too, so I’m happy I didn’t break. Index background Search: Jovian Chronicles (12 results) Ianus Publications: Interlok / Mekton 1 () Jovian Chronicles: Gamemastering Made Easy. Jovian Chronicles (Mekton). Open Game · 1 member. Home · Members · Topics · Jovian Chronicles (Mekton). Leaders & Moderators. RPG Post. Owner. Joined.

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Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. It is illegal to clone someone without his or her consent. The sudden explosion sends you tumbling wildly out of control. She hoped to put her best foot forward as well, and generally was interested in the unit getting along, however the fact that they might all not be up to her standards was certainly something she’d have to work on.

Missile launch confirmed, captain. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view.

Jovian Chronicles

The primary weapon system is a Variable Beam Cannon. This article is a skub. Why her, what’d she do to deserve getting sent to a Multi-National unit Chronicpes Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. After a moment or two the Mercurian waved a hand and took the initiative to break the ice. The supplies from the Jovjan, added to these asteroids’, were used to first build wheel-type stations, then, later, the larger O’Neil Cylinders.


Unfortunately, the weapon also has two major flaws: Spacefighters remain in use, but their lack of maneuverability compared to exo-armors confines them to patrol, strike and fire-support roles. This was necessary in order to carry the enormous amount of fuel, armament, and electronics necessary to accomplish their assigned mission. These systems should the Ghost extremely difficult to detect and track with any form of sensors, including recon systems, hence the name ‘Ghost’.

And each of our respective nations refused. So to avoid CEGA interference, our Mercurian friends covertly transported the rest of you here along with their own exo-pilot Moore and her Hercules. All relevant information IFE targeting, velocity, etc is displayed in the special virtual reality helmet worn by the pilot. Satisfied with this she just waited and scratched her mechanical hand, phantom itch still plaguing her. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from chroniclds restaurants.

Jovian Chronicles – Wikipedia

A copy of the Jovian Wars Beta Rules is also required to play, and is available as a free download on the DriveThruRPG website, see the link at the top right of this webpage. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Instead of just being a support frame for habitat modules, fuel tanks and engines, modern vessels sport a thick ablative skin and a massive architecture designed to stand erosion and lengthy acceleration.

The second release of Jovian Chronicles, was the first one published by DP9, adapts the Silhouette game systema streamlined set of rules already tested and proved in Heavy GearDream Pod 9 ‘s other successful science fiction game.


Roleplayers can easily ignore the tactical sections of the rules, if preferred. Nanites microscopic robots and various custom-designed viruses are used; with the patient is immobilized for the duration of the treatment. If anybody new has any interest, please let me know. You all know, or at least have an idea, of why you are here.

The Lance is a compressed-gas cylinder with an ionizer ejector system at one end. We have some water pouches here for you. More powerful than lasers, they also cause a lot of collateral damage by frying and burning electronic circuitry in the target.

Jovian Chronicles – 1d4chan

Both can use various special effect ammunition, like shaped armor-piercing crystals or even explosive grenades. At the same time the small shuttle delivered the various techs to the Resolute where the techs were guided to the briefing room.

So who from the original players are still in? The classification chart gives a general outline of the actual Jovian classification system. And this is my tech, Sita.

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