Hey Jordan! Just a quick question if you wouldn’t,ind answering, I’m working. Many people might not like his playing but Jordan Rudess is a classically trained pianist and synthesizer enthusiast at the same time. Voted “Best Keyboardist of All Time” by Music Radar, Jordan Rudess is best known as the keyboard player for the CHECK OUT THE JR CONSERVATORY .

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You actually brought up my concern, that this would be 50 bucks spent on something that I can get from other people teaching on Youtube. But it’s possible that he has the information arranged in a way that is clear.

Jordan Rudess Online Conservatory Updated With Astonishing Content!

At least that’s what I figure. I was wondering about your Snarling Pig sound. It would be great to be able to sit down and work with every person individually but my recording and touring schedule would make that very challenging!

As a musician, you need to understand that although you are just moving your fingers on the keys to make sound, it is really your whole physical being that goes into the music!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you there! Is there a chance of a clinic or meet and greet? Enjoy the Online Conservatory!!

Ask Jordan

Stay tuned — you could be next! Help FAQs Go to top.

Here are some highlights from the Jordan Rudess Online Conservatory Sleek New User Interface Our new UI lets you enjoy the OC, browse lesson materials, and watch exercise videos not only from your desktop and laptop computers, but also from your tablet and mobile devices.

These exercises were developed as a result of the wonderful foundation I learned while studying at Juilliard along with the real world experience I’ve had since then in my musical career. Send rueess anything from questions on technique and warm-up exercises, to requesting a critique of your band’s performance. If I could bring my keyboard to play here at work, I would. This is the product of what I learned from DT and you as well! Expiration Date 01 02 03 04 05 mordan 07 08 09 conservztory 11 Jordan Rudess, Dream Theater keyboardist, educator and instrument designer unveiled today a major update to his Online Conservatory.


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I have a question: Also included fudess the OC are some excellent Satellite Courses given by guest instructors from my network of jorfan friends and colleagues. I’m very excited about your solo tour. My objectives are to become a better piano player, to learn to play good synth leads, and to be challenged to really understand music theory applied to keys, songwriting and arranging.

I’m afraid from browsing the site that the video part of it is just pieces of Jodan’s instructional video, plus some videos from a guy teaching substractive synthesis. Look out for our pre-registration announcements. For many years, I was asked by people around the world for personal lessons. I don’t know, but I’m really curious. I’m mostly jogdan to think that if I have something to practice, I don’t need a teacher. As a musician, you need to understand that although you are just moving your fingers on the keys to make sound, it is really your whole physical being that goes into the music!

Explore your creativity through exercises and examples that open you up to new ways of thinking about improvisation, even while only using 2 or 3 different notes!

Do some Ear Training using my special technique. Expiration Date 01 02 03 rjdess 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 The OC is a wealth of musical material presented in an accessible format that you can learn from and enjoy.

Well when I read about it said that it was an “online conservatory” based on video lessons. I developed the Online Conservatory to expand my reach to music students all over the world. Pay with your PayPal account. Some of it comes from actual private lessons with students, who had been to my studio rudesw the conservatogy years before my touring life got so extensive, and partly in articles I have written for various magazines and publications.


New interview with Jordan about Keyfest ! Billing Information Payment Method. We are dedicated to expanding the OC in the future, and are excited to have all of you along for the ride!! But now I’m looking at it and it seems to be text lessons and pieces of one of his instructional videos.

Sign up to continue: With this new launch also comes a ruudess section called “Ask Jotdan where members can send me questions and videos to respond to. Previous 1 2 Next. I respond by video to the kordan popular questions as often as my schedule allows. Your question will appear here shortly. I think it’s important that actually understand what someone explains to you instead of most youtube videos that are like “well you do this and this and then you get that”, not really making it clear what you actually have to do.

Jordan Rudess Online Conservatory

Also included in the OC are some excellent Satellite Courses given by guest instructors from my network of musician friends and colleagues. Is there any advice you could give on a positive mindset to have to encourage a good performance.

Much more new content on the way! I don’t know, man. Thank you very much! They cover everything from analog synthesis, to guitar soloing, to extreme drumming and beyond. Oops sorry about that:

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