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On the other hand, given the product-factor elasticity found, it can be stated that the process aggregate is more capital-intensive. Before the estimation was done, the variables were characterized from the statistical point of view and the hypothesis of normality of the same was assessed by means of the Jarque-Bera statistics Pindyck and Rubinfeld, The unit root test was applied in this manner.

There are also export quotas towards markets with which Chile has subscribed trade agreements, thus generating important business opportunities for this industry. This allows identifying the presence of trend, intercept and constant variance.

ABSTRACT The pork meat industry in Chile exhibits significant rates of production growth, with a decreasing trend in iohnston wholesale market price and growing levels of concentration of the supply in a reduced number of companies.

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This shows that the industry shows yields on a growing scale. Starting from this expression and considering a long term situation, a jonhston shows yields in a growing scale when the sum of the exponents accompanying the variables labor and capital is greater than one, so that said technology shows economies of scale.

The product-scale elasticity was estimated as 1. Cochrane-Orcut correction for the first order correlation of the mehodos R 2multiple determination coefficient to measure the adjustment fitness of the model; F statistic applied to asses the global significance of the model; Durban-Watson, statistic applied to evaluate the presence of autocorrelation in the residues of the model.

Comunidad del Centro Economía Aplicada

In this sense it iohnston justified to incorporate the variables in logarithms; the salaries variable in the first difference and the correction factor of the autocorrelation of the residues AR 1 appearing in model 8. Analyzing algebraically according to expression 2 in individual terms, the product-labor elasticity resulted as 0. The maximization of the benefit is binding to obtain an observable relationship and fundament the econometric model.


To this end, a t test is applied, metoddos to prove H o: This allows identifying the presence of trend, intercept and constant variance. The unit root test was applied in this manner. The pork meat offer has also jobnston concentrated in a dominant company, revealing important cost advantages for it Vargas and Foster, ; Vargas et al.

An indirect way of estimating the coefficients of function 1 is by the estimation of the costs function obtained from the Cobb-Douglas technology, more specifically, by means of the marginal costs function, since this is expressed in terms of the price of the factors and the level of metoos production. Py, wholesale price of pork meat expressed in Chilean pesos per kilogram; w, salary index of the Chilean economy for the industrial sector, analysis unit of this research; r, interest rate of the financial system for one-year placements ; Y, port meat production level, measured in tons.

The case presented is characterized because the elasticity of the product factor is less than 1 and above zero Varian, Technological determinants of firm ed industry structure.

The model is of partial equilibrium and the main analytic assumptions are the following:. In this research the estimated model is based in a time series, is of aggregate character and takes into account the fact that the johston is highly concentrated. Handbook of industrial organization. If it is positive, the technology shows yields on a decreasing scale, and if it is statistically equal to zero, this suggests a constant scale of yield.

This is the fundament to set out the following assumptions. Ecoometria additional incentive for the expansion of production is constituted by the opening of foreign markets by mean of trade agreements, as well as the restrictions to the import of beef meat due to animal health problems in some supplier countries.

In this case, the price is weighted by exonometria factor which measures the power of monopoly of the representative enterprise, whose estimation is found in the pioneer work of Bresnahan In this case, the price is weighted by a factor ecomometria measures mehodos power of monopoly of the representative enterprise, whose estimation is found in the pioneer work of Bresnahan Given the results of the estimation Table 3 a model was configured to try to simulate the long term behavior of the average cost of production of pork meat, to discuss aspects related to the competitiveness of the industry.


Estadística y Machine Learning con R

The technology of the industrial sector of pork meat production, by hypothesis, can be structured according to the Cobb-Douglas technology Varian,that is: The result is shown in Table 2.

In this way, there is a direct observation of the marginal cost through the market price of pork meat. The effects of U.

The real process sustaining the behavior of the port meat industry is its deep technological transformation, supported by the behavior of decreasing corn prices, a most important supply for pig feeding; this has taken place mainly since Ogunyinka and Featherstone arrive at this same jojnston after estimating a generalized Box-Cox production cost model, applied to agricultural products and raw materials in the United States.

This amount is comparable to that reported by MacDonald and Ollingerand in the case of the United States was of 0. In this last case, the series has constant variance when, in absolute terms, the statistic metdoos Dickey-Fuller Augmented DFA Johnston and Dinardo, calculated is higher than that tabulated.

In this way, there is a direct observation of the marginal cost through the market price of pork meat. Using a Cobb-Douglas cost function and the assumption of maximization of the benefits of the company in imperfect competition markets, an econometric model was estimated, that allowed considering indirectly the coefficients of the function of underlying production. These trends have caused a decrease in the wholesale market price levels; this trend was also documented for the U.

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