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Juni In , Morgenthau proposed the Morgenthau Plan for postwar Germany, calling for Germany to lose the heavy industry, and the Ruhr area. It took over two months for General Clay to overcome continued resistance to the new directive JCS , but on July 10, , it was finally. was superseded by the more accommodative JCS The first American Military Government Commander in Germany was. Dwight D. Eisenhower (of World.

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Eisenhowerthe Military Governor of the US Occupation Zoneapproved the distribution of free copies of the book to American military officials in occupied Germany.

President, I don’t like you to dissemble to me” and read back to Roosevelt what he had signed. United States policies in these matters will be sent to you separately and you will be guided by these in your negotiations on the Control Council. As a member of the Control Council you will urge the adoption by the other occupying powers of the principles and policies set forth in this directive and, pending Control Council agreement, you will follow them in your zone. The secret directive JCS for the future government of Germany, the final version of which was presented in Aprildid specify that Germany was ‘occupied not for the purpose of liberation but as a conquered enemy state’, that heavy industry was to be dismantled, that cartels were to be disentagled, that the military was to be abolished and that comprehensive denazification measures were to be conducted, but JCS also contained numerous loopholes, which the US military governor was later able to exploit in order to implement a more lenient occupation policy.

University of Pittsburgh Pre.

Morgenthau Plan

Bengal famine of Chinese famine of —43 Greek Famine of Dutch famine of —45 Vietnamese Famine of The original memorandum, written sometime between January and early Septembersigned by Morgenthau, and headed “Suggested Post-Surrender Program for Germany” is preserved at the Franklin D. Resumption of partial or complete service on the internal public debt at the earliest feasible date is deemed desirable.

In such cases, the policies of the Potsdam agreement are controlling. You will assure that your military government does not become committed to any political group.

For purposes of administration of military government, Germany has been divided into four zones of occupation. For this purpose you will give appropriate authority to any German agencies and administrative services you consider essential; provided, however, that you will at all times adhere strictly to the provisions of this directive regarding jcd and dissolution or elimination of Nazi organizations, institutions, principles, features, and practices.


Occupation forces were not to assist with economic development apart from the agricultural sector. Clay and Draper claim that Germany will go communist shortly after any proposal to infringe on its sovereignty over the Ruhr is carried out.

The most notable example of this change of policy was a plan established by US Secretary of State George Marshallthe “European Recovery Program”, better known as the Marshall Planwhich in the form of loans instead of the free aid received by other recipients was extended to also include West Germany.

Also known as the “Speech of hope” it set the tone of future US policy as it repudiated the Morgenthau Plan economic policies and with its message of change to a policy of economic reconstruction gave the Germans hope for the future.

It is the policy of your government to effect a dispersion of the ownership and control of German industry. You will endeavor to obtain prompt agreement in the Control Council to the making of similar surveys in the other zones of occupation, and you will urge appropriate steps to coordinate the methods and results of these and other future surveys conducted in the various zones.

Retrieved from ” https: Except as may be necessary to carry out these objectives, you will take no steps a looking toward the economic rehabilitation of Germany, or b designed to maintain or strengthen the German economy. Germans ale prohibited and prevented from producing, maintaining or operating all types of aircraft. No action will be taken in execution of the reparations program or otherwise which would tend to support basic living conditions in Germany or in your zone on a higher level than that existing in any one of the neighboring United Nations.

It makes no sense to forbid the most skilled workers in Europe from producing as much as they can in a continent that is desperately short of everything.

The laws purporting to establish the political structure of National Socialism and the basis of the Hitler regime and all laws, decrees and regulations which establish discriminations on grounds of race, nationality, creed or political opinions should be abrogated by the Control Council.

US occupation policies aimed at “industrial disarmament”, [2] but contained a number of deliberate “loopholes”, limiting any action to short-term military measures and preventing large-scale destruction of mines and industrial plants, giving wide-ranging discretion to the military governor and Morgenthau’s opponents at the War Department.

In the conduct of your occupation and administration you should be just but firm and aloof. You cjs exercise general supervision over German public expenditures in order to ensure that they are consistent with the objectives stated in paragraphs 4 and 5.


Harcourt, Brace and Company,p. Box 31, Folder Germany: The core of the Morgenthau Plan, namely the proposals for de-industrialisation, was adopted in Potsdam at the beginning of August and became part of Allied policy.

Eisenhower relabeled as Disarmed Enemy Forces in order to negate the Geneva Conventionwere used as forced labor by the various Allied mcs to work in camps outside Germany: A Proclamation dissolving the Nazi Party, its formations, affiliated associations and supervised organizations, and all Nazi public institutions which were set up as instruments of Party domination, and prohibiting their revival in any form, should be promulgated by the Control Council.

It is not a question of a regime, but of the homeland itself, and to save that, every German is bound to obey the call, whether he be Nazi or member of the opposition.

Morgenthau Plan – Wikipedia

Rooseveltrespectively, reached agreement on a number of matters, including a plan for Germany, based on Morgenthau’s original proposal. Accordingly, you will in your zone reduce to the possession and control of a special agency established by you, within your Command, all German foreign exchange and external assets as provided in subparagraph a.

The Control Council should establish centralized control over all trade in goods and 1797 with foreign countries.

The Political Economy of Transitions to Peace. In the House of the Hangman: The Norwegian economist Erik S. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum published 27 May The four Commanders-in-Chief, acting jointly, will constitute the Control Council in Germany which will be the supreme organ of control over Germany in accordance with the 177 on Control Machinery in Germany. You should make provision for the review of convictions of alleged criminal offenses about which there may be substantial suspicion of racial, religious or political persecution, and in which sentences of imprisonment have not been fully served by persons imprisoned within your zone.

Pending final Allied agreements on reparation and on control or elimination of German industries that can be utilized for war production, the Control Council should. Criminal and ordinary police will be purged of Nazi personnel and utilized under the control and supervision of the military government.

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