Lurulu is a science fiction adventure novel by Jack Vance, his last book. It is the followup to Son of the Tree; “Monsters in Orbit”; “The Brains of Earth”; ” Rumfuddle”; “The New Prime”; “Men of the Twelve Books”; “Noise”; “Ullward’s Retreat”. Wrapping up my three-part overview of Chateau d’If and Other Stories, the Underwood-Miller collection of Jack Vance pieces, this article covers. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Title: Rumfuddle Title Record # Author: Jack Vance Date: Type: SHORTFICTION.

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Duray came out upon Stevens Creek Road.

The Best of Jack Vance

Initially the portals were used to solve social, economic and other problems, but some people are now using the portals for entertainment purposes and even mischief. Nothing stands in your way to stop you from getting what you want—except other feudal lords. One day Ullward hears about a man who bought a whole planet. There was no internet back then, but there were plenty of ways people had to isolate themselves, avoid interacting with anyone different, particularly if they had money.

The Bagful of Dreams [short story] By quality except most Clarke Time well spent OK if you don’t have anything better to do Time waster. Similarly, for the use of his own planet, Duray learns that his relationship with his wife and children has become the property of a group of elites—the so-called Rumfuddlers.

World Fantasy Best Short Story nominee Refresh and try again. Introduction Contact me Sending review copy Specialized feeds. Alone with Gilbert and their cups of coffee, Elizabeth makes an odd reflective comment:.

Maskerade by Terry Pratchett 5 months ago. The Dragon Masters [short story] Her billionaire employer also has a large collection of bizarre alien creatures that he keeps in his natural history museum and seems to find more attractive than any women. There can be no more slaves. September 15, at 8: So there is a problem with attracting this billionaire because Jean is considered malnourished, unhealthy and scrawny by their standards and is thought to be extremely unattractive even though she is very pretty by Earth standards.


The thought of owning such a place intrigues him and then Ullward buys part of the planet, or rather, he leases part of the planet. You are commenting using your WordPress.

“Gift of Gab” and “Rumfuddle” by Jack Vance | gaping blackbird

Exploitation of natural resources is, to my understanding, the most common method by which a rumfuddke pulls itself out of poverty. The humans think the docile Meks are happy being slaves, so are taken by surprise when there is an uprising and all of the Meks begin fighting to eliminate humans. Samfish rated it liked it Feb 03, This entry was posted in booksscience fictionshort fiction and tagged jack vance.

To ask other readers questions about The Best of Jack Vanceplease sign up. Ecce and Old Earth 3. The Skybreak Spatterlight 4.

It has The Best of Jack Vance, first published inis a collection of three novellas and three novelettes that were written between and May 17, mark monday rated it really liked it Shelves: Evil-doers are removed as babies, presumably from a parallel earth, to our universe, at least in some cases.

We vanc our preferences, beliefs and relationships to the system like fish flocking to bait. They enjoy popularity among fans of Vance, but not universal support as examples of his first-rate material. The deck of the barge is empty of people, so Fletcher concludes that Raight must have fallen overboard.

Abercombie Station is a detective story, exploring the ins and outs of one crazy family. During the training flight when Bent is not drunk or hiding from the others, he is sneaking around the ship, spying on the cadets, keeping track of their behavior by making comments in his notebooks where he records demerits. Overall, this is an inventive crime story rummfuddle a believable working-class hero. Other editions Twitter Kindle Magazine.


March 27, at Label, tag, category, etc See here.

Title: Rumfuddle

Either of the above in a parallel universe. Even though some of my favorites are not included, it would still be a good vajce for those who want to begin reading Vance’s shorter works. Looking for free fictiongood storiesfunny storiesrecent fictionor best of ?

The story was a keen observation of Sailors and Captains, and the relationship between the two. World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement nominee His first novel, The Dying Earthwas published in to great acclaim.

Jack Vance

Liane the Wayfarer The Bagful of Dreams [short story]. The embodiment the conundrums that arrive with a post-scarcity reality is impressive. Ironically when visitors arrive at his new home, they compare his beautiful natural views to illusion-panes, claim the natural rocks do not look real, are fearful of the waves on a real beach, and even object to Ullward’s new privacy stating, “I love the privacy and solitude–but I thought there’d be more people to be private from.

Nov 03, Gregory Rothbard rated it liked it. Nov 27, Michael Pryor rated it really liked it. The mask Thissell wears is of the “moon moth. He has the rare luxury of having a real tree and moss on his property. She is a “gravity girl” from Earth, however, and the place she goes to has no gravity and a much different concept of beauty.

Harry rated it it was amazing May 01, Nebula Awards Best Novel nominee The Houses of Iszm 3.

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