They Came Before Columbus The African Presence in Ancient America Written by Ivan Van Sertima They Came Before Columbus Category: History – Americas. Blood River by Tim Butcher How Europe Underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney They Came Before Columbus by Ivan Van Sertima King Leopold’s Ghost by. absurdity in a genre which has never attracted much rigorous scholarship in the best of times. Africanists who read They Came. Before Columbus will come.

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Byers rated it it sertija amazing. It is still possible to argue that pre-columbian contact existed, but one will need some kind of proof for this, not the kind of wishful thinking Sertima engages in in this book.

I had previously heard so many good things about this book, but I was a bit disappointed. He masterfully wove in threads of information from botanical, linguistics, archeology and anthropology to prove his points. Jan 27, Ryn McAtee rated it it was amazing Shelves: They have all been dismissed. To ask other readers questions about They Came Before Columbusplease sign up.

As for the concerns that Van Sertima belittles the accomplishments of Indigenous Americans- he makes quite clear that is not his intent, at least in an Afrocentric context. See all 3 questions about They Came Before Columbus…. The journal required that reprints must include the entire cmae and would have had to include the original authors’ response written but not published to his response.

However, tyey it became common knowledge that Africans were in America well before Europeans arrived, then the basis for this scientific racism would be undermined – they could not maintain their inferiority if the Africans were capable of sedtima things long before them. This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat Sertima use of documented evidence speaks cae itself.

They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America

The insightful study of how 77 American Indian tribal names were the same as those of the Berbers in Africa will leaving you wanting to discover more about this information. And he does specifically mention that he does not seek to undermine the accomplishments of Native America. I didn’t know that American Indians sailed across the Atlantic and arrived on the coast of northern Europe in the first century B. He gets caught up in the argument of authenticity, which doesn’t seem to achieve much Namely, he insists that all the “major civilization improvements” came directly from “revered and Conquering” Africans.


The sad irony is that by charging Western historians of base racism for discounting any Read this at a suggestion of a co-worker. He blew holes to some long-standing beliefs. Sep 01, Dr. It was exciting to read Van Sertma’s discussion the plotting and avarice by Columbus against his Queen, and soul-crushing to see the consequence of his ‘conquest’ and enslavement of the native populations which fell under his sword. After divorcing his first wife, Sertima remarried into Jacqueline L.

Read the book 1. Oct 31, Khemauset Ankh rated it it was amazing. Why not shake it up a bit??

I learned a lot about how the navigational skills of the American Indians and North African transpired. So; a very, very good book. Combining a colorful writing style and hard facts, Van Sertima gives proof of the presence of the African including Egyptian presence in Latin America.

Van Sertima retired in On pageserti,a the Random House copy of this book, there is an apparent TYPO, first Paragraph, eighth line down, “Nacron a “preservative Egyptians used for Mummification ” should actually be “Natron. Thanks befors telling us about the problem.

Ivan Van Sertima – Wikipedia

I don’t know enough about archaeology to say for sure how valid his arguments are in that regard, but they certainly hold their own logically. Van Sertima lays out an overwhelming amount of evidence of a constant African presence in Ancient America, centuries before Columbus set sail.

Of these, the l Stylistically compelling, this sertija can be an enchanting read, though its thesis is deeply flawed. View all 12 comments. She also planned to publish a book of his poetry. I don’t know enough about archaeology to say for sure how valid his arguments are in that regard, but they certainly ho Obviously this is a controversial book, but it’s a columbis book. Journals of the Century.


They Came Before Columbus – Paperback

Powerful and detained argument for African presence in Mesoamerica centuries ahead of Columbus. Jan 15, Kembahli marked it as to-read. He completed primary and secondary school in Guyana, and started writing poetry.

With NO evidence what’s so ever. In Dean R. It was based on his discovery of the cache of figurines at Tres Zapotes through what he believed to be the clairvoyance of Emilio Tamago, a peasant worker. View all 6 comments. The book, while primarily speaking on the Black African experience, provides great insight into the great skills and discoveries by Japanese, Chinese, Arabs, Portuguese, Indian Original Americans and others.

He also shows an incomplete knowledge of West African Religions and customs. Snow, a professor of anthropologywrote that Van Sertima “uses the now familiar technique of stringing together bits of carefully selected evidence, each surgically removed from seetima context that would give it a rational explanation”.

I think he could have simply presented I think this book was very ground breaking, and Van Sertima’s theory is very interesting, though a bit essentialist and for the critical eye, quite problematic.

Jun 24, John rated it it was ok Shelves: Even on his chapter dedicated to the “Mystery of American Tobacco in Africa,” he never once submits, that columbsu, just maybe, South American Natives brought Tobacco to Africa. May 11, Rebecca rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Van Sertima wrote a response to be included in the article as is standard academic practice but withdrew it.

Why isn’t there any exchange of technologies? Retrieved from ” https:

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