ITU-R P.530-13 PDF

P Draft revision of Recommendation ITU-R P – Propagation data and prediction methods required for the design of terrestrial. ITU-R WP3M Contribution Title: On the development of Recommendation ITU-R P – Prediction of autage intensity for digital line-of-sight systems. ITU-R P 4. 1. 0. – B. D. Ad. – 1. 0. 1. – – GHz 2. % ke.. (dB) h/F1. B.: D.: GHz 6,5. 4/3 = ke. Ad.: (2) h.

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An improved prediction method of rain attenuation for terrestrial light-of-sight path”, 19 September This section also provides comparison between some experimental measurements and the predicted values.

None of the parameters mentioned above can neither explain alone the variation of the outage probability, nor be considered as the most dominant. A prediction model for terrestrial or L. Measurements of specialized modulations not covered by 1.

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The numerical coefficients in the method were derived by multiple non-linear regressions using the experimental data of rain attenuation in terrestrial links currently available in the ITU-R data banks.

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Link Calculation

Effective path length for slant paths The model for the effective path length can be extended for the slant path case by considering the rain height. This empirical model introduces a more precise model than the traditional models. The p.5330-13 functions allow the computation of the following values.

This method assumes that an equivalent rain cell of uniform rainfall rate and length d 0 can model nonuniform rainfall rate along the propagation path. A correction factor r p was calculated not only for 0. For practical reasons, we will limit ourselves to versions from version 7 to version 13currently otu-r use. For example a high roughness can reduce the K factor and consequently the outage probability.

Link Calculation » ALCOMA

An improved itu r rain attenuation prediction model over. The expression obtained is given in 6. Spartial temporal structure of rain, 2nd Edition, Propagation of Radio Waves. Theoretical Prediction curve is an upper bound which is validated during the link measurement duration 2 years. Prospects for commercial satellite services at q and vbands.

Measurement and prediction curves have similar tendency. Hosoya, “Differential attenuation and differential phase shift of radio waves due to rain: This p.530-31 a shortcoming of the method, as in two regions with different distributions of point rainfall rate but similar values of R 0. For example, the combined e? The performance of each method is measured by the average value and the standard deviation of the values of test variable calculated for all links, at all percentages of time for which measured data are available.

Test results indicate that the proposed method provides a large improvement over the one currently recommended by the ITU-R for prediction of rain attenuation in terrestrial links. Iu-r the slant path case, the data used to test the prediction methods includes concurrent measurements of rainfall rate and rain attenuation in received satellite beacon signals, also available in the ITU-R databank [34], comprising a total of year-stations from 68 sites in 24 countries.



These functions have been developed as curve-fittings to power-law coefficients derived from scattering calculations. Enterprise class a4 colour mfps designed to integrate. Even considering that the attenuation dependence with these two variables is weaker, it is expected from a physical point of view and they p.53013 included in the method.

This means that the method will provide the same results for two sites that have the same value for the rainfall rate exceeded at 0. For percentages of time between 0. Oguchi, “Scattering properties of Pruppacher-and-Pitter form raindrops and cross-polarization due to rain: Fimbel, “Theoretical and experimental determination of rain-induced attenuation on a radioelectric path”, Annales des Telecommunications, vol. To obtain a more general prediction method that includes the slant path case but is still consistent with the terrestrial case, the rain attenuation cumulative probability distribution can be calculated by.

As a starting point, the dependence of the reduction factor on link parameters was investigated, using experimental data from concurrent long-term measurements of point iut-r rate and rain attenuation in terrestrial links available in the ITU-R databanks [34].

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