IRFP Transistor Datasheet, IRFP Equivalent, PDF Data Sheets. MOSFET. Parameters and Characteristics. Electronic Component Catalog. IRFP TO IRFP NOTE: When ordering, use the entire part number . G. D. S. SOURCE. DRAIN. GATE. DRAIN. (TAB). Data Sheet. July irfp MOSFET are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for irfp MOSFET.

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As it transpires, the design I was looking at was unsuitable for the intended purpose, because the quiescent current needed to remove crossover distortion was too high to be practical. And remember one thing – any output device can be precise if a proper design is found.

Higher values provide more stable quiescent current with temperature variations. Is good circuit have tested it and it works well the circuit is better for satasheet high voltage. Thank you sir, god bless you. They still need thermal compensation and a suitable gate drive design, and can suffer from a ‘latch-up’ condition in some cases. Amplifier Circuits Audio Circuits.

As is now clear I hopemost of the ‘benefits’ are an illusion, and can easily lead to tears if the warnings here aren’t heeded. It is commonly and erroneously stated that MOSFETs are ‘safe’ because they have a positive temperature daatasheet, so as a device gets hotter, its drain-source R DS on resistance increases. Now adjust R8 so that the multimeter reads I need your help….

Requests for component irgp9240 will not be fulfilled. If things are ok set the current as recommended, and connect 8 ohms speaker and try.


IRFP9240 – IRFP9240 P-Channel MOSFET Transistor

Does output of this circuit is short circuit protected? The general formula to determine gate current is I think that it will do the job, but I want to be sure. It’s worth noting that the TO package is useless regardless of what’s inside for getting rid of any more than about 20W worth of heat, unless extraordinary care is taken with mounting. The irfp240 to reproduce a sinewave will be a bit lower, since it is a smooth curve, but irvp9240 much headroom will drastically lower distortion.

IRFP Datasheet(PDF) – International Rectifier

We want to measure what the load is doing, not what it should be doing. For the design of the amplifier, I will assume a single LTP input stage.

The graph was taken from the IRF data sheet, but daatasheet been colour coded to make identification of each graph easier. Reproduction or re-publication by any means whatsoever, whether electronic, mechanical or electro- mechanical, is strictly prohibited under International Copyright laws.

This is entirely counter-intuitive, and is almost certainly the exact opposite of what you would expect. I had to guess and check with my ammeter to get a good value. To illustrate this, Figure 5 shows the graph from the IRF data sheet, and irffp9240 it does not continue down to the levels we are interested in, the trend is clearly visible.

While there appear to be many advantages to their use over BJTs, HEXFETs may often suffer from exactly the same problems – thermal runaway and a failure mode that is suspiciously similar to second breakdown.


C10 and Iefp9240 are high frequency bypass capacitors.

IRFP9240 MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

It is claimed to be ‘insignificant’, and for switching applications this is true. The use of source resistors to help force current sharing is essential, and these should be as high as practicable. It will be noted that there are no component values supplied – this is quite deliberate, and is not an omission. To balance out the nonlinear curve, we can simply cut if off where it seems too bad by using bias. Previous post Next post. What is not commonly noted is that all MOSFET devices have a fairly high negative temperature coefficient for the gate-source threshold voltage V th.

Match the output devices as close as possible, especially for transconductance at low values of V GS.

Each has its own strengths and weaknesses which forces us to choose between them. Make sure you check the idle current before calling the design done!

Multiplying each figure by five because there are five devices of each polarity gives us 1. In many cases, the lowest heat output possible is highly desirable, and HEXFETs are simply unsuited to any application where very low Iq is desirable or necessary. This can range anywhere from Ohms up to perhaps 5k.

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