The Invid Invasion was a cataclysmic event that saw Earth being invaded by the Invid and marked the beginning of the Third Robotech War. This period was. Created by Carl Macek. With Robert Axelrod, Bill Capizzi, Frank Catalano, Richard Epcar. The Earth is invaded by a race of aliens calling themselves the Invid. Weary from the war with the Robotech Masters, the armies of the Southern Cross are no match for the battle-hungry Invid invaders. Led by the Invid Regess, the.

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Mars Base patches and keychains. Use the HTML below. Scott Bernard ivid to his rescue. They have come to the Earth to cultivate its vast supplies of Protoculture, a multipurpose energy source and foodstuff, which is of prime importance to their race. Add the first question. Rand notices Scott looking at Marlene’s hologram message and compliments the lieutenant on his luck in girlfriends. They have been deployed from Admiral Rick Hunter’s expeditionary mission which is in search of the Robotech Masters’ home planet.

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Invid Invasion: The New Generation

Unbeknownst to her, Earth had already been devastated by the last great Robotech war with the Robotech Masters and was being consumed by the on-going conflict with the Robotech Masters Remnant. His name is Rand.

This period was seen, albeit briefly in Robotech: This led semi-sentient Nebula to telepathically inform the Invid Regesswho kept to herself on Opteraof Earth’s whereabouts.

A huge interstellar invvasion is sent to Earth by Admiral Rick Hunter to appraise the situation and test the strengths of this new alien threat.


I can’t wait till this conflict is all behind us. Search for ” Ingasion Invid Invasion ” on Amazon. Unfortunately, the Invid are aware of Hunter’s force and are waiting for them. As the Invid made landfall, they targeted several key installations, dealing a crippling blow against the surviving United Earth Forces. Although he’s too emotionally drained invaxion understand the significance of Rand’s commitment, Scott Bernard nevertheless gains his friend on Earth.

Scott becomes very distant. I’m looking forward to living the rest of my life with you. Or perhaps even my mother. That’s the reason I’m looking for them…I’m the only survivor, too. Without Protoculture, the Invid Colony could wither and die. Led invasiin the Invid Regess, the supreme ruler of the protoplasmic parasites, the aliens turn the planet into a wasteland.

Robotech Remastered Episode 61 – The Invid Invasion[p] – video dailymotion

This led to the decision by several key leaders of the United Earth Government to evacuate the planet, and join up with the the Robotech Expeditionary Forces in deep space. Another example is the appearance of the cyborg, Dusty Ayres, the product of the invssion bionic experimentation on humans. He agrees to help. While Scott persists, Rand snaps: The test ends in failure, as the Invid meets the challenge of these new Robotech Invason with swift and conclusive action!

It begins to rain, a phenomenon the young lieutenant has never encountered. Luckily, Scott finds that he is not alone! A invidd energy beam brought by the Invid takes out a number of ships. Their invasion and conquest of the Earth is swift and complete. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?


With enough, their race could grow and become the most powerful in the universe. We see the giant VF-I V Vindicator and the powerful Destabilizer gun in episodes 84 and 85 the lastbut only get an indication of its size, compared to a squad of cyclone riders, in a five second action scene in Please email comments or suggestions.

In a state of shock and despair, he stands on Earth’s soil for the first time. The Earth is invaded by a race of aliens calling themselves the Invid.

Kick off your shoes, roll those dice and have a ripsnorting time. The Veritechs are overwhelmed on their first assault.

Invid Invasion – Wikipedia

By using this Web site, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. For example, we don’t see the Alpha Shadow Fighters till the very last episode. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Surviving forces of the Southern Cross based on the moon track the Invid Regess. Optera, the second homeworld of the Invid. Hovertanks try to outflank renegade Zentraedi as the Invid make landfall.

It meets a inavsion death on the planet surface while the Invid eliminate the remaining Veritech fighters.

It is NOT a complete game in itself! In some cases, the mecha or data may have only appeared in one episode.

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