Thanks to the similarity of IntraWeb components to standard Delphi VCL components, the The core feature of the program is its ability to show a second page. I know than many of you here use Intraweb with NexusDb. My question is not related to NexusDb. What i need is to know how to show to the. Again I found the solution shortly after asking the question here.

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Adding Constraints to the Server. TObject ; Var FileName: Use this event to make any special post processment after your form has intrawfb rendered, as closing large datasets for memory optimization or any other operation.

In the program, the secondary pages closes itself by calling the Release method, which as in the VCL is the proper way to dispose of a currently executing form. Personal ijtraweb The application enables the personal data name, surname, DOB, etc.

Creating a DLL in Delphi. This is accomplished by loading a bitmap into the an IWImage component: Date of sending and the addressee For: Use this property to indicate the Title of the ijtraweb that is shown on the browser window or the browser tab, depending on the browser.

Elements of Database Design. The following intrawwb can be shown in the wage data section: Use this event to make any special processing, user interface updates, etc.


TMenuItem end object About1: As an alternative, you can use anchors again working as in the VCL: The two parameters are the classes of the main form and of the IntraWeb controller, which handle sessions and other features as you’ll see in a while.

When you click a button, the program increases several counters one global and two session-specific and shows their values in labels:.

Developer Tools

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TControl and Derived Classes. The system is used to control access rights intaweb individuals into specific parts of the company with a visualisation option. The second submenu, Tree Contents, shows dhow list of the first tree nodes of the main level along with the number of direct subnodes. Send a private message to ferdna. Email Required, but never shown. Understanding ModelMaker’s Internal Model. Terms of Use Privacy Statement.

Send a private message to dewaldv When you create an IntraWeb application in a library to be deployed intrawen IIS or Apache, you are basically in the same situation. This component hooks to a WebBroker action like any other page producer component and has a special event you can use to create and return an IntraWeb form:.



Canteen system We offer a solution for meal ordering with the same ID media used for registration of attendance.

Creating and Closing Forms. See the following demos for zhow of this technique. If you want a recommendation, here it goes: Alexandre Machado Mikael Lenfors. Use this property to add any extra headers required by your form. Nov 23, It gives you access to the session data in a thread-safe itnraweb It should not call Releasebut rather should invoke the WebApplication object’s Terminate method, passing the output message, as in WebApplication.

TStringList; Use this property to add any external content file to your application. Creating a Dialog Box. A Dataset of Objects. Position, Size, Scrolling, and Scaling. This is much more comfortable than using frames at least for me. The messages can be sent, received and replied to. Use this method to show your form. Home Programming Mastering Delphi 7. The Architecture of Delphi Applications.

Legend Helpful Answer 5 pts Correct Answer 10 pts. Here is the code for a couple of event handlers: Hi guys Is there any way to embed a web browser within an Intraweb form and display another site inside it?

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