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Free is overused these days, especially on the Internet.

We always use the format of “Newsletter — [Benefit]”. To make sure they don’t simply type any email address into your subscription form, setup an autoresponder to send them the free bonus 1 hour after they subscribe. Your subscribers will come to “expect” your email to arrive in their ijterspire on the same day at the same time every week, meaning that they want to read your content and are generally more receptive to any special offers or promotions you may include.

For example, if you have a “Country” custom field and your autoresponder is set to only send to those contacts whose “Country” field is set to “United States” it would not meet the filter criteria, which means they should not and would not receive the autoresponder you created, because you’ve chosen to only send it to contacts whose “Country” custom field is set to “United States”.

Personalize the subject line — If you have details about your contacts then you can use them in your subject line to get their attention. This option will search for contacts that are either confirmed or unconfirmed or both. A soft bounce is a temporary bounce such as “This user’s mailbox is full. Test the subject line — Take a look at email campaigns you’ve sent in the past.

Signup Confirmation – Double Opt In. Filtering by the basics. This is very important because many people can accidentally enter an incorrect email address, or even the email address of someone else on purpose. It can boost not only our direct sales, but also our credibility and referrals.

However, as your contact list grows, tutorisl can also be a very beneficial exercise.

General Tutorials

Overly large sized fonts will surely add to an email being flagged as spam, tjtorial will too many images or not enough text. For example, every Wednesday at 3pm. If you had created a Custom Field that was a check box that the contact could then save their favourite sports, you could then use the resulting data to filter your lists to show all contacts that like Soccer AND Cricket, or you could find all contacts that DO NOT like Soccer OR Cricket.


Double opt-in means that after your visitor initially enters their email address to subscribe to your list, you should then send them a “confirmation” email. After sending intsrspire 3 different emails, compare the click-thru stats and see which one worked best. When sending your email campaigns or autoresponders, you have the option of entering in a bounce email address.

One of the major benefits of email marketing is that email is free, but obviously this intedspire the same reason that spam has become so popular and so frustrating. If you think that a bounced email should have been processed rather than ignored, you can add a new rule to the bounce rule file by editing: It will also add a touch of professionalism and branding to your newsletters. Studies conducted by interapire research analysts have shown that the best days to perform a mail-out to your list are Tuesday and Wednesday, as this is when tutoriwl are more receptive to communication.

For example, I have a Gmail http: It acts as a very close replica to the same software used on thousands of servers world-wide. These options will only be displayed to you when you are searching a single contact list as the custom fields are based on individual contact lists and are not always available for tutorila contact lists. In particular, they mostly use spam assassin — a popular piece of spam filtering software.

A subject line containing the contacts first name can sometimes out-pull one that doesn’t. The application will read each bounced email and, using a set of rules built into the application, will determine whether or not it’s a soft bounce, a hard bounce or a non-recognized bounce.


When you process bounced emails either manually through the Process Bounced Emails option or scheduled through cron or scheduled tasks you specify the details for that email account. What is Bounce Processing and why should I do it?

Now, when you need to send marketing emails in the future, you know that you will be sending the right mix of content and images that will attract the most click-thrus, and ultimately the most sales.

A compelling headline that entices them to open and read the contents of your email can do wonders for your conversion rate. On Thursday and Friday, people are already too busy looking forward to the weekend.

Interspire Tutorials Archives – Affex Pro

Keep your email as clean as possible, and try to stick to tjtorial maximum interspier 2 or 3 different font types and sizes. Many spam filters work by analyzing the email based on its content and the words used. Some spam filters work by querying a spam server, whereas others report individual emails as spam. Filtering your searches allows you to view or send to a smaller selection of contacts by setting options to only find particular contacts.

Then, schedule the first one to be sent after 24 hours, the second after 48 hours, etc. In this article I’ll describe the basic steps interspite can take to help reduce the number of emails you send out that get blocked by spam filters — hopefully resulting in a more rewarding marketing effort. You should also display your contact information Phone, Fax and Address clearly, as tuttorial greatly increases confidence in your email and your company, as well as conforms to spam laws in the United States.

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