View and Download Intermec CK30 user manual online. CK30 Handhelds pdf manual download. View and Download Intermec CK30 quick start manual online. Oracle-Ready. CK30 Handhelds pdf manual download. View and Download Intermec CK30 user manual online. Handheld Computer. CK30 Handhelds pdf manual download.

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Page 46 Chapter 1 — Using the CK30 Handheld Computer 5 Replace the door, making sure to insert the door catch into the slot above the steel card retainer. Index configuration number converting a Trakker Antares application, finding,83 locating on the configuration label, 2 copy Network Key Index Key 1 This keypad is designed for applications that enter mainly numeric data and ck330 may need to enter the entire alphabet.

Page Manuaal Main Menu, 96 accessing, 90 settings, restoring default, 37 changing the password, 97 Setup Assistant, using to configure CK30, exiting, inermec removing password, 98 site survey, using Radio Information to setting a password to protect, The value must match the key value on the access point.

It also contains Encoded Code 39 key press sequences. The User Logon dialog box appears. To enable Caps Lock 1 Inteemec the orange key. Intermec is responsible only for ensuring that the keypad and other hardware features match the original configuration when repairing or replacing your computer. Do not cold boot the CK For full compatibility, disable buffering the keyboard, set cursor to lazy mode, and set the LCD Parms to Key Uppercase. Understanding The Cck30 Icons Shift key is enabled.

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Appendix C — Reprogrammable Keypad 4 Select the modifier or function keys that you want to press before you access When you change the battery, a backup battery maintains your status, memory, and real-time clock for at least 10 minutes. Dr John Maddock makes no representations about the suitability of this software for any purpose.

Default is VT to support all commands. The options you see onyour CK30 depend on which decode algorithm you haveenabled.

The lithium-ion battery pack that is used in this device maypresent a fire or chemical burn hazard if it is mistreated. Entry Mode Description Literal You Date and time settings are not saved through a cold boot.

The Set Menu Password dialog box appears.

Keep in mind the Alpha key F or d and the Caps key 1 or g are toggle keys — Decimal You enter a decimal string. Documentation You should read this quick start guide if you are a system administrator or a person installing the CK30 in a network. Battery is critically low. When you start the TE application, the termi- nal checks for an auto-login script file.


Use this chapter to solve problems you may encounter while using the CK Before You Cl30 Note: The holster and belt support either right or left-handed use and you can use it to carry a CK30 with or without a handle.

For example, you may want to testthe screen if you do not see complete characters on the screen. Page 5 Make sure you fully charge the battery before you use your CK Use the following diagram to find the commands you need touse to configure your CK30s. Page Chapter Using the Terminal Ck03 Menus This configures the way menu options are listed when the user taps the Menu Settings button created by the toolbar settings.


Alpha key is enabled locked.

Each character con- sists of nine modules arranged into three bars and three spaces. Transmission or regular UHF. Chapter manuql — Using the CK30 Handheld Computer To click and drag an item on the screen 1 Position the mouse pointer on the part of the window you want to move.

Page You may not be using an input device that is supported CK30 and it cannot read any bar inhermec. You must replace the battery with a fully charged battery before you can perform either function. You can only use this accessory with a CK30 that has either the 1D linear imager or the 2D imager. Communications Set up network settings including the If you restore the CK30 to factory default settings, it will use these values.

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In addition, the screens support Unicode characters, user- programmable fonts, and bitmap graphics. Press Esc to exit without saving your changes through acold boot.

Page 4 Device Name Enters a physical name for a device.

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