Find great deals for Intermatic CA InTouch Wireless Multi-volt vac Contactor Module. Shop with confidence on eBay!. How to wire Intermatic CA 30 amp Z-wave remote contactor. 10 year warranty through 30 amp x 80% = 24 amp safe maximum 25 amp motor. Intermatic CA 2 channel z-wave contactor volt zwave contactor 40 amp 2 channel operation means contactor can be set for SPST so both.

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Intermatic CA3750 InTouch Wireless Multi-volt 120-277vac Contactor Module

While z-wave has limited range, a hand-held controller could disappear, or be operated by unauthorized person. Match color code and amp rating for wire.

Expect z-wave network to feel more sluggish than flipping on a light switch. See more Intermatic enclosures Pool control centers.

This feature makes it easy to set up network. Up to feet away RC transmitter manual Remote receiver manual Fuseholders In home remote controls.

Read more Wire cw3750 does not matter. Choose location Test location before installation. Chance of running battery down is one reason why battery-operated devices must be configured immediately after inclusion. WZ controls pool pump and pool heater Control 2 Loads.

How to wire Intermatic CA3750 30 amp Z-wave remote contactor

Connect ground wires to ground screw. Transmitter turns ON receiver. Z-wave signal is not as strong as in-home wi-fi signal, for example. More household remote controls Basic single-pole and 3-way z-wave light switch manual. It is against code to turn V circuit on-off by cutting white neutral wire without also cutting power to black hot wire. Also 14 gauge is easier to bend, and to easier to attach to small wires on timer Buy: Use hammer and screwdriver and pliers to remove knockouts to run wire into enclosure.


Intermatic CA InTouch Wireless Multi-volt vac Contactor Module | eBay

Larger image Use push on wire connectors to join wires as needed. Thermostat must sit flat against tank ca350 to correctly read temperature: Obstructions and distance weaken intermatjc signal. See wire size and loading charts See motor HP chart. CA Manual Sell sheet Figure volts amps and watts of water heater How electric water heater works Select correct wire size How to check if water heater electricity is OFF See inside main breaker box.

Always check location before making final installation. When power is connected to terminals 1 and 2, this supplies power to operate z-wave receiver, circuit board and both relays.

Wifi drains batteries very quickly: When is off, lower element is off. Older model remote control does not work with z-wave PE series is made to work in swimming pool environment, with low voltage compartment for switching off 24 volt swimming pool light, and control pool pump and spa aerator and interface with freeze control etc Interrmatic When is fusable cut off required? Contrast wi-fi with a TV remote control Bring white neutral wire from any nearby light switch or outlet box Buy: All single-phase circuits require two wires: Connect ground wires to ground screw.

Fire intermatix Use only solid copper wire, and no insulation under screw plate. When wi-fi manufacturers change software or upgrade system or consolidate into one corporation that owns all wi-fi, you might need to replace intermxtic, or upgrade ‘package. Troubleshoot electric water heater. Larger image Connect stranded and solid with wire nut and run jumper to screw plate.


Up to watt residential non-simultaneous each water heater can be controlled by 30 amp breaker and 30 amp CA Typical residential water heater is watt non-simultaneous Same wiring shows below.

Always test network capability before installation. How to wire safety switch How to wire subpanel How to change subpanel from V to V. Siemens intermztic Resource: If battery-operated z-wave was awake full time, then battery would last 2 days.

If you are in possession of the device and controller, and each device responds only to the unique Home-id of the controller, then nobody else can control your Z-wave network. Older style manual Digital I-wave control panels. Read about 3-phase electric How to wire 3-phase timers Resources for 3-pole contactors. Adding black tape will signal that wire carries power Resource: This page was last modified on 1 Augustat ECO-protected thermostat installed in place of lower thermostat This offers 3 strategies.

How to wire Intermatic CA

No hot intermafic connects to terminal 3, contactor wires connect to terminals 1 and 4 Resources: This means my hub might work with a device that won’t work for the general public. CA is rated for resistive and inductive. The information-frame tells the controller what kind of device and what command classes are supported.

Press button to merge CA with remote. CA is not rated for DC. Lntermatic systems operate on different wavelength and do not interfere with each other.

Privacy Zwave does not broadcast your information.

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