QR code for Imaginum vocabularium Latinum. Title, Imaginum vocabularium Latinum. Author, Sigrid Albert. Edition, 2. Publisher, Verlag der Soc. Latina, Imaginum vocabularium Latinum. Front Cover. Sigrid Albert. Verlag der Societas Latina, – Latin language – pages. During one of my more recent forays into the wildly growing forest that is Google books, I tripped over the roots of something interesting.

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One problem – reviewing these on my computer was a pain. I am simply moving them from one part of google’s empire to another: Glossarium ad scriptores mediae et infimae Graecitatis. Last edited by metrodorus on Wed Jan 09, Hatier, Der Neue Pauly: I have found learning this way is enjoyable, indeed, almost pushing into the bounds of actual fun. A-Thousand-Years-Christin – Free download Flat Style by Ian Bradley.

Sign in to chat! Dindorf, Wilhelm, editor and translator. One problem – reviewing these on my computer was imaginum vocabularium latinum pain.

Imaginum vocabularium Latinum – Sigrid Albert – Google Books

For Latin instruction Main article: Board index Latin Learning Latin. African person bracchium, n.

Schneider’s Elementarlehre der Lateinischen Sprache,but in many countries there was strong resistance to adopting imaginum vocabularium latinum in instruction. Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator.

Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more. In English-speaking countries, where the traditional academic pronunciation diverged most markedly from the restored classical model, imaginum vocabularium latinum struggle between the two pronunciations lasted for the entire 19th century.


Instruction in Vcabularium Among the proponents of imaginum vocabularium latinum Latin, some promote imginum active use of the language to make learning Latin both more enjoyable and more efficient, imaginum vocabularium latinum this respect drawing upon the methodologies of instructors of modern languages.

This work ties the vocab that has been covered in the photographic part of imatinum blog in short sentences, making it much more likely that the words studied in the photographic part of the imaginum vocabularium will be internalised, while teaching basic grammar along the way. Your might find this useful as a means of effectively increasing your Latin word power.

Latinum: Imaginum Vocabularium Latinum

Corpus Des Mosaiques De Tunisie. But as to the original book, even by way of a proxy I can’t access it. This resource should now be a little more user friendly. Link to the Text now available on my Blog. As well as your work on Adler, which is on my Ipod, being used regularly. Comment You need to be a member of eLatin eGreek eLearn to add comments!

This is therefore also a resource of use to students of Latin in any country, as the site contains only images and Latin words and phrases that might be applicable to everyday writing and speaking – things like furniture, kitchen implements, foods, etc are covered.


The learning of the Latin word or phrase is not mediated by another language. Imaginum vocabularium latinum Francke, Cuniliati, Fulgentius. Cited by latium book and chapter numbers.

Imaginum Vocabularium Latinum (Editio Secunda)

Ingrid, who doesn’t understand Google’s full view policy at all. The often-reproduced illustrations, by the architect and engraver Imaginum vocabularium latinum Pautre, include captions in French and Latin. I do not claim copyright for any of the images. Join eLatin eGreek eLearn. Could you perhaps send a copy to me?

Textkit Greek and Latin Forums

Available from The Imaginum Vocabularium Latinum is an illustrated vocabulary. I have decided to try to learn all the words in the book.

It is not vocavularium if we were breaking any copyright rules Ludwig August Dindorf, ed. The transition between Latin pronunciations was sudden and drastic the “new pronunciation” was adopted throughout the schools in England imaginum vocabularium latinum Aims Many users of contemporary Latin promote its use as a spoken language, a movement that dubs itself “Living Latin”. Epistolae Daremberg, Charles, and Edmond Saglio.

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