Find great deals for ILFORD EM10 Darkroom Printing Exposure Monitor Boxed. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Feb 13, I have pm’d you Tony. Very kind offer much appreciated. By the by, do you recommend any other metering assistance for determining exposure. Jun 19, Ilford EM10 Exposure Meter. Anyone have any experience using this meter. On a whim I bought one off of ebay for $20 delivered. It arrived.

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The monitor is easy to use.

Some of us use use test strips to judge exposure and contrast, whilst others use electronic enlarging meters.

Place the meter in the brightest shadow area with detail. PM your address and I’ll pop in the post. In total darkness, except for the light in the enlarger, place the monitor on the enlarger baseboard.

Ilford DT Programmable Process Timer This picture to the left shows the DT Timer front ilforc back; lower images and its watt power supply front and back, upper images. Find all posts by Tony Marlow. I can get a terrific print with the initial exposure no matter the enlarger elevation simply by placing the meter’s eye in an appropriate shadow and rotating the aperture ring until I get the green light.

Neal Oct 27, Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.


See any errors on this page? Be the first to review this item. For slide printing, the sensitive cell should be in a highlight area which just holds detail. Log in or register to post comments. The light sensitive cell on the monitor is positioned so it is close to the enlarger base-board during use, and accurately measures the amount of light received by the paper.


It is hard to believe that this stuff is not available. Most iflord and white film is a little more sensitive and needs to be exposed more accurately if you are going to get the best that it has to offer. You can use either a shadow area or a highlight for determining exposure; you may want to have reference knob settings for each as some images have interest in the highlights and some have their interest in the shadows.

Ilford EM10 Exposure Monitor B&H Photo Video

How could anything be easier? Using a mask, make four 10x Clip the battery into place. Microprocessors were ilforf then a common part of many consumer electronic items, offering a flexibility and accuracy of use hardly dreamt of just ten years previous.

Whitetail in the Snow. Shen Hao with lens, meter, dev tanks etc. If the monitor will not be used for some time, remove the battery to prevent damage by leakage.

Works both as an enlarging timer and for darkroom processing. Thanks for ever, Joseph. Select a slide or a negative, typical of those you wish to print. Process the print in fresh chemicals, following the manufacturer’s recommendations.


I was looking at SDS ipford night and he has a number of things whose prices compare very well with the famous “bay”. When calibrating the monitor, judge only the density of the print; ignore colour balance. You must do a test strip for each en10 you print to find the exact time for it and knowing that a 35mm neg printed on 8×10 at f8 will need an approximate time will put you close enough that your first test strip should be able to fine tune to exact time. That number is the “program. For negative printing, choose the brightest area of the image on the base-board still showing detail.

No Longer Available Update Location close. Ensure the calibration knob is set ot the appropriate calibration number. You have now established the correct exposure time and calibration number for your darkroom conditions. TheFlyingCamera Oct 27, It cannot, however, be used as a colour analyser.

The EM10 in Use: The enlarger lens may be set between f-stops for this purpose.

You might be wondering about sm10 setting for D-MAX. Find all posts by Mike O’Pray. Originally Posted by Tony Marlow.

The program numbers shown right that I’ve written on the bottom of it are for use with Kodak’s PolyMax paper.

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