This simple project describes a neat IEC to RS interface that a specification IEC that defines a software communication protocol and the. Does anyone have information about the protocol IEC ? Why do some vendors talk about protocol IEC and some about IEC I have a British Gas installed Landis+Gyr E smart meter. This meter has a IEC optical interface. I am experimenting with an.

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To search the site, enter your search terms in the iec11007 labeled “search the site” and hit Enter. Both use infra-red light for communication.

A meter can support more than one.

IEC1107 Electricity Meter Interface

In addition, Mode C allows for programming of the tariff device. I know that the remote is sending irda frames not ordinary asynchronous ascii characters, and is working at a different IR profocol than the IEC sensor. I can see a bit of crosstalk coming back when the transmit side is active. By Kerem Ozdemir on 7 May, – 3: I would recommend paying the extra 4 quid for the USB version and avoiding protocoo mistake I made.

Also each meter manufacturer creates their own internal software and are unlikely to make it accessible to the general population. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Does anyone have information about the protocol IEC ?

Your question is easily answered: To exclude ief1107 word, precede it with a “-“, as follows: Measuring air gap of a magnetic core for home-wound inductors and flyback transformer 7.

IEC Electricity Meter Interface | Elektor Magazine

You must be a Control. Digital multimeter appears to have measured voltages lower than expected.


Remember me on this computer. I would expect to see the meter respond with an identification code, but I get nothing back.

It may be purchase from ANSI’s offices or online. So either the meter is not responding or the RX side of the probe is fried. This is an old serial protocol IEC for meters. Input port and input output port declaration in top module 2. For reasons of security the optical probe system is closed after the point of manufacture. IEC always starts at for electricity meters and then may negotiate a faster rate. Part and Inventory Search. Both use half-duplex communication. What other types of optical probe are there?

Occasionally a manufacturer will invent a new quantity to measure, and in this case, a new or different data type will appear in the meter definition. Hi Robert, I connected oscilloscope to the receive side of the sensor. Special baud rate – as desired.

Please read those terms and conditions carefully. The protocol is usually half-duplex. The physical media are usually either modulated light, sent with an LED and received with a photodiodeor a pair of wires, usually modulated by a 20mA current loop.

With signals flowing from the tariff device only. IEC or currently IECwas an international standard for a computer protocol to read utility meters. This Standard describes the software protocols and hardware for exchanging data with utility tariff meters.

Top Intelligent tariff meters that have IEC optical interfaces also have a numeric display and so can be read normally. Whats the best IPSec open source implementation in Linux? Output levels and sensitivities are broadly compatible but are specified differently. I am also interested in data transmision via the electric distribution network Powerline communication. Any real world thing mapped to an appropriate class type can be described by the attributes defined in the standard; and the methods defined therewith allow operations to be performed on the attributes.


Dec 242: Standard baud rates —, 1 ,249 It’s free, and you can customize the content you view, as well as being able to subscribe to threads jec1107 topics, getting new posts delivered to your email prtocol they appear. Does anyone know some vendors which have systems in Europe. Hi Ivan from Chile!

By Gilles Allard on 6 December, – 9: The software protocols and optical interface for exchanging data with utility tariff meters is described. But nothing when I just shine a tv remote into it. If the parameter required is in low security group, a password authentication of the HHU is required before information can be read. I suggest you try them.

ABACUS ELECTRICS – IEC – What is it all about ?

The time now is IEC document is copyright and cannot be reproduced. Access control passwords may be required along with a knowledge of the registers specific to the meter.

Use British English Oxford spelling from December This describes some registers that describe the current count of metered units i.

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