The Hypomanic Edge has ratings and 25 reviews. Sandy said: READ THIS BOOK! The content of this book was no surprise to me. A first generation immig. The Hypomanic Entrepreneur. The s will be remembered as the age of Internet mania, a time when entrepreneurs making grandiose. THE HYPOMANIC EDGE: The Bipolar Disorder That Made America the Most Successful Nation in the World. John Gartner, Author.

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Gartner’s no writer and his chapters end on annoying, flowery notes. In every census from toas long as they have been keeping records, immigrants were significantly more likely to be self-employed than natives.

Decreased need for sleep 3.

Looking for beautiful books? The realization that being crazy a little crazy can be a good thing? They think, talk, move, and make decisions quickly.

He is a risk taker.

We change jobs more frequently, too. Please click here to be forwarded to his edte website. America has an extraordinarily high number hylomanic hypomanics — grandiose types who leap on every wacky idea that occurs to them, utterly convinced it will change the world.

The book covers four distinct American personalities with what is defined as hypomania, a milder version of mania still characterised by excessive excitement, lack of sleep, confidence, charisma, and other attributes – and many times contrasted with episodes of depressions as well. An untold number of hypomanics helped make America the richest nation on Earth.

He feels brilliant, special, chosen, perhaps hypomaniic destined to change the world. Excessive involvement in pleasurable activities that have a high potential for painful consequences Those who had the will, optimism, and daring to take the leap into the unknown have passed those traits on to their descendants. He is filled with energy.


The content of this book was no surprise to me. Hypomanics are brimming with infectious energy, irrational confidence, and really big ideas. Asian countries such as Taiwan and South Korea, which have absorbed very few immigrants, have the lowest rates of bipolar disorder.

They were not “well adjusted” by ordinary standards but instead forced the world to adjust to them. Raymond DePaulo, James Potash, and their colleagues at Johns Hopkins have found a gene that mania and schizophrenia share in common — a possible “psychoticism gene. In his search for the stimulation of the “new new thing,” he quickly loses interest in the companies he founds and tosses them into the laps of his bewildered employees.

He becomes easily irritated hypoomanic minor obstacles.

The Hypomanic Edge : John D. Gartner :

He is widely published in scholarly journals and books, and his work has also appeared in the Baltimore Sun and Talk magazine. He is driven, restless, and unable to keep still. Columbus, who discovered the continent, thought he was the messiah. Written by a psychologist, they are also clinical case histories that illustrate hypomania in action. Books of the Week. They may hypomanjc our greatest natural resource.


Gartner’s book is packed with information about fascinating leaders that have played a major role in America’s history. I decided to undertake what social scientists call a pilot study: Mood is meant either to facilitate or inhibit action. Because of its origins, America has an abundance of people with hypomanic temperaments. When someone is depressed, he has no motivation to act. Hypomanics live on the edge, betweeen normal and abnormal. The interview was a bit chaotic because he was driving and carrying on another phone call at the same time.


From our studies of the brain we now know that mood is an intrinsic part of the apparatus that controls motivation. Hypomania is a mild form of mania, often found in the relatives of manic depressives.

The American is equipped with more than just a hopeful vision of the future and a drive for self-improvement.

In many readers, mood hypomwnic elevate. One now understood better why he regularly rented palatial office space he could not afford and why his wife hid the checkbook. The idea that some entrepreneurs may be a little manic is hardly new.

This is the characteristic that most distinguishes the American people from all others,” wrote Tocqueville in Democracy in America.

The Hypomanic Edge: The Link Between (A Little) Craziness and (A Lot of) Success in America

Most hypomanics describe it as their happiest and healthiest state; they feel creative, fdge, and alive. Inflated self-esteem or grandiosity 2.

Their subjects were not manic. More talkative than usual or pressure to keep talking 4. Both have their place, yet neither is easy to pull off successfully. Feb 25, Henrik Haapala rated it really liked it.

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