Hi, I built 2 hypex UcDHG w/HxR monoblocks about 4 or 5 years ago. At that point the switch mode PSU had not been introduced, so I used. Module amplificateur Hypex UCDHG HxR W . Disponibles en 2 versions: UCDHG et UCDHG ils seront parfait pour une utilisation audiophile. Logo AA 0 The UcDHG amplifier module is a self-contained high- performance class D amplifier intended for a wide range of audio applications.

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Anyway, as-is the Hypex is the perfect partner for my GlowMaster and delivers a firm, solid bass from my stock ATS-4 and Illuminator-5 speakers. I find no reason to buy the possible better sounding versions of the UcD, the UcDHG high grade for bass application only. It has to said that drilling more than holes in the alu sheets took a couple of evenings, but I wanted the chassis to serve as a base for my GlowMaster KT88 valve amp, thus 32 cm wide and 40 cm deep and getting the chassis painted by a pro wasn’t exactly cheap either, but what can you expect when you ask professionals to paint a single chassis?

To discover our different services and delivery options, click on the following logos: You can share your feelings about products and help other people by sharing your experience. Hypex recommends that the LMs used as buffers be powered by off-board high quality power supplies, so I decided to go that way. I am looking into Hypex now and think a 3 channel system would be a good deal.


That meant desoldering the power transistors that do most of the work: A logic low at the control pin selects the balanced input, a logic high the single ended. Next up was the rear of the chassis. Everything went according to plan, no magic smoke was released, so I proceeded to the final assembly. Amplificateurs audiophiles pour professionnels ou amateurs. By buying this product you get 14 loyalty points.

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Based on 1 customers reviews. The timing of the relays was controlled by three timer ICs, set to ucd400ug mode and each adjusted to a different time period. Close Accept and continue. That led me to design a small PCB that would house a small signal relay and some control elements.

HYPEX UCD400HG Module amplificateur HG HxR 400W

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. The back-EMF generated by large bass driver voice coils can make many amplifiers uncomfortable – in particular valve amps – and impair midrange and treble performance.

Chief distinguishing features are flat frequency response irrespective of load impedance, nearly frequency-independent distortion behaviour and very low radiated and conducted EMI. ucd400h

hypxe It was time for a test run: This was the end result:. With all that in mind, I purchased a 2U aluminum chassis from modushop. How do yours sound? Ready made circuit boards, and all you need is a chassis and a bunch of wires.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. A while back I decided to build a proper power amplifier for my setup.

Meanwhile, I had built a little power control board, seen above on the bottom left. Downloads Cud400hg cookies to view downloads. I wanted it to be very good sound-wise, but also quite powerful since my speakers like a lot of power. I designed the circuit and the PCB in Diptrace. However, this suits me quite hypx and I’ll leave it there. That led me to think up of a new power control board: Initially I wanted 2 x VA transformers but couldn’t find these with 2 x 40 V secondary windings, hence a single VA transformer.

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Hypex UcDHG top view | Audio | Pinterest | Boombox, Class d amplifier and Audio

Average votes for this product. Next up, I had to modify the modules since I wanted to use an outboard aux power supply.

Originally I had used a small switch to select either balanced or SE input to each of the channels. My resistor choice to make max ucc400hg dB gain did not exactly turn out the way I wanted. By using a model, the user agrees to absolve Hypex Electronics B.

Semi-slow fuse 5x20mm 6. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. My center channel is also DIY, using Seas units. You already have posted a review for this order. Do you want to be notify when the product will be available? I bought a VA toroidal transformer locally plus a small 2 x 15 volt transformer also needed for the UcD module, which I wasn’t aware of at ucd4000hg time I ordered the kit. My ordering list was this: My amps are dead quiet.

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