HttpUnit is an open source test framework for web applications which can provide browser specific behaviour like sending request to the We are using Spring sts , JDK 8, HttpUnit JUnit Tutorial for Unit Testing. 4. However if you’re a programmer who just got the job to create functional or unit tests, you’ll find HttpUnit a much more enjoyable and programmer-friendly toolkit. HttpUnit allows us to test navigating through our JSPs by clicking links and buttons and filling out forms. In this tutorial, we will explain.

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So if you get a task to do functional tests for a few weeks, I can assure you that you’ll encounter enough challenges to keep you interested, and to enjoy your work. While writing unit tests is a popular and fashionable activity, most software developers I know either hate or simply don’t like to do functional testing tutorila other people’s applications.

To use HttpUnit put httpunit. While tutorual HttpUnit will not replace manual testing, it is nevertheless a great way to create automated tests programmatically, with much more freedom than the typical visual test scripting environments.

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First of all, we need an installed Java 2 SDK, to be able to compile and execute our tests. This strategy provides stronger encouragement to focus on test-driven development when those features are eventually added. Each Test Case would describe a httpunkt which can be carried out by a web visitor through a web browser. Create learnhttpunit at your favorite place and create lib directory in it. This refactoring avoids tutorual duplication and is easily tested with the existing suite of unit tests.


I think it’s important not to treat the TC code as important systems code – it must be easy to maintain it, and it should not require a J2EE Architect to understand it and work with it. Creating the ServletRunner class which represents access to a Bttpunit application.

You should see the following output. Extract the downloaded file into your favorite directory. During the development tutotial the application, QA engineers perform automated and manual functional tests to test the behavior of the application from the tutorixl point of the end user. I use Log4J statements to keep debug code in the TCs. This tutorial should help you to learn to use HttpUnit to develop and test your web sites. Here’s an updated test scenario based on our TC architecture.

This code should fail with a HttpNotFoundExceptionbecause we have not yet created the servlet class.

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He also selects one of these games as the tie-breaker. It is a good practice to aim for similar sized scenarios – larger scenarios can be broken down to smaller chunks. Our application is an office sport betting pool. So concentrate on verifying the functionality of the web application, rather than checking everything possible on the page.

Avoid the urge to write httupnit of the functionality at once.

5.10 Submitting Form Data

The RhinoScript Javascript engine works quite well, but for some complex Javascripts and most httpnuit require a lot of it could trigger Exceptions in the engine. Architecture of HttpUnit HttpUnit consists of two core components: Once the data is correct, the administrator opens the pool for betting. It will take you through the incremental development of a simple servlet-based web application using a test-first approach.

This application is fairly simple, and hardly robust, but contains more than enough interactions to allow us to explore development and testing with Httpknit. This could be just a simple code comment, or a complex mechanism where the test reports themselves htptunit to the documents; the important thing is to have the reference in the code, and to keep the traceability. Creating a client which can access the application and maintain state across multiple invocations.


The developers could add a search box on the top for example, and your tests will potentially fail even if the specific Form you’re using will not change.

HttpUnit Tutorial

After you implement each test, it hthpunit fail until you then add the implementation. Most scenarios can be handled quite easily by setting WebForm parameters, and then looking for specific elements with results in the WebResponse pages, but there are always some challenging Test Cases.

I typically have a log. Invoking the pool editor.

It could be done, given an infinite amount of time for the test development, but a good human tester can assess these things way more efficiently. HttpUnit enables the programmers to write the test script to test web applications.

You fill in form field values using the setParameter method on a WebForm instance. With the test-first approach taken in this chapter, these pieces httpuhit functionality should not be written until the corresponding unit tests are written.

To compile and test the example go to learnhttpunit directory and execute addtopath.

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