Obtaining Service During. Warranty Period New editions are complete revisions of the manual. Change sheets, which may be The HP DesignJet CM printer is an E/A0 size large-format inkjet printer which can print in. Download HP DESIGNJET , C, CT, CM SERVICE MANUAL service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Download DesignJet , C, Cplus, CM Service from folder Printers DesignJet. Service Manual pdf. From folder: Printers HP DesignJet.

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HP DESIGNJET 700 Service Manual

Remove the media sensor from the entry platen. If this happens, the media fails to load.

Overlay – Front panel overlay Self adhesive – Shows the function of the front panel buttons and indicator lights Korean. This is independent of the print-quality and media settings on the front panel. Lift end-tabs to release cables.

Switch power off Check media path A servo shutdown has occurred in the X-axis. If the values given are not 0, then, to resolve the problem, try one of the troubleshooting tips given in step 3.

Perform the accuracy calibration whenever the: Troubleshoot the pen thermal management system, the TTOE, the carriage electronics and the cartridge.

C Installation and Configuration Assembling the Legs and Ddesignjet Bin Optional If the user has purchased the optional legs and media bin for the plotter, assemble them following the series of illustrations below: Replace the carriage PCA. This product has been exchanged for a new or refurbished product.


The capitals included in the frames correspond to the following plotters: Worded Error Messages Worded error messages indicate that a user error or an internal error has occurred. If the wipers in the service station are worn down, they do not properly wipe the cartridge heads. Pinch-wheel sensor 7 Move the pinch-wheel sensor, including the cable, clear of the plotter. So the numbers of the nozzles do not correspond to the actual numbers.

Warm-up pulses are generated when in the “Warm-up When Idle” mode.

HP DesignJet 755cm Printer User Guides

Perform the Y-axis friction test as follows: Plotters need increased maintenance if users do not limit use to the duty-cycle recommendations. Linear-Encoder IC A linear encoder desugnjet cartridge carriage position, as the carriage assembly moves along the encoder strip.

If it does not operate, replace the: MIO or Bi-tronics input and output data passes through another transceiver on its way to the main processor. User input to print mode selection consists of the following: The error shows up as jagged vertical lines. Area fill PQ Plot Perform the color PQ plot test as follows: If you continue asking the printer status, the error event e.


If the primer fails the test, try replacing one of the following components: Perform the mark manuap test as follows: Paper – Paper – transparencies, dfsignjet forms – Roll A0 Use the Arrow buttons to select the cartridge that needs to be tested.


Media Bin – Media bin – Wire rack that mounts to the plotter stand legs and cross brace. After reassembling the plotter, perform: A small arrow is used to indicate other parts of the Service Manual or User’s Guide where you can find information related to the topic you are consulting. Make sure D-size or E-size media is selected designjdt the front-panel 3 Ensure that the plotter is in the Full long menu mode.

C Removal and Replacement Removing the Service Station When performing this procedure, he careful to avoid staining your hands and clothing with ink deposited in the service station. Now black dot replication can be done according to Varware specifications.

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