by. Jeremy Silman. · Rating details · ratings · 42 reviews. How to Reassess Your Chess is the popular step-by-step course that will create a marked. The Reassess Your Chess Workbook; Jeremy Silman; pages; Siles Press, The definitive answer to my title line would be welcomed. The snarky side of my mind says the reason there are x editions of the book is Silman wants to make money. This is not evil, but really you only need one of the .

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Silman’s book also highly recommended.

Guardian Chess Book of the Year Feb 22, William Schram rated it it was amazing Shelves: Apr 01, P. The core of the Workbook consists of problems, of them set in the opening, Middlegame, or ending.

Book Review: How To Reassess Your Chess

When teaching I use my own lessons, notes, and methods, supplemented by specialized references, annotated games and the like. Like any other imbalance, don’t wait them to magically happen! Once again, Silman describes incredibly well its imbalances framework.

I think TAM is enough to understand Silman’s idea of formulating a plan, which you can use to then work on the workbook. Is there another book you would recommend reading instead? Refresh and try again. This is not evil, but really you only need one of the editions. Another great point is the number of exercises. He basically teaches silma reader to just not look at the available moves in a position until they’ve come up silmqn a plan.


IM Jeremy Silman: “How to Reassess Your Chess”

Psychological Meanderings I am not a big fan of this part. Looks like mastering chess requires a level of memory and dedication that’s just not reassews for adults.

To fight against space, use break pawns, and try to exchange a few pieces to liberate space. Do not post content, memes, jokes, videos or images that don’t offer useful chess insight. Has anyone recently read “How reaesess Reassess Your Chess”?

Would You Recommend How to Reassess Your Chess by Silman?

Like most chess instructors that I know, I find many of the leading instructional books superficial, poorly written, and thoughtlessly imitative. For many students, going over games is more helpful and enjoyable less energy-demanding than technical study. Jun 26, Luke added it. As Fischer said, “to gain squares you need to leave squares”. Trivia About How to Reassess Y Do not post direct links to, or links to sites hosting, pirated content. No trivia or quizzes yet.

How to Reassess Your Chess: The Complete Chess Mastery Course by Jeremy Silman

This is a big simlan of the book – So what the position tells you, not what it suits you best. I can’t comment on the latest edition, but it’s probably my favorite chess book. It’s mostly written for players in range. IMBacon 11 min ago. Mar 30, Vlad rated it it was amazing.


Silman covers so many forms of imbalances and how to approach them that I’m tempted to say that he covers everything anyone could ever need out of a middlegame text.

Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x It gets longer every time he releases it.

If I remember correctly, his reasoning was that people below are still playing “hope chess”, as in they still make moves without looking at the consequences of their move looking at all possible checks, captures, and threats that can occur from your move and can you meet them and still hang pieces. Embrace the “inner” square. I am already using positions from this book to teach—I think that those of you looking for an improvement book can hardly go wrong with this one.

It’s a good book for learning basic strategy, but I recommend you pair it up with this book so you can look for the themes without the crutch of context. In short, this method is about imbalances:

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