Abstract. Hildegard Elizabeth Peplau was nationally and internationally known for Born in Reading, Pennsylvania, on September 1, , the. Dr Hildegard Elizabeth Peplau, nursing educator who played major role in Dr. Peplau was born in Reading, Pa., and witnessed the deadly. Hildegard Peplau. Hildegard Elizabeth Peplau (September 1, – March 17, ) was an American nurse who is the only one to serve the.

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Hildegard Peplau

The nursing model identifies four sequential phases in the interpersonal relationship: After her retirement from Rutgers, she served as a visiting professor at the University of Leuven in Belgium in and niography She was awarded honorary doctoral degrees from universities including: After the war, Peplau was at the table with many of these same men as they worked to reshape the mental health system in the United States through the passage of the National Mental Health Act o She was still a child during the influenza epidemic, but she was influenced by the experience and saw the impact that illness and death had on families.

Peplau was an advisor to the World Health Organizationand was a visiting professor at universities in Africa, Latin America, Belgium, and throughout the United States. Her greatest career challenge was peplauu Columbia Teachers College in where she met with resistance when she wanted graduate degree nurses to practice psychotherapy and contribute to research.

These competencies have also been applied to improve nurse education so as to enhance nurse practice and patient safety. She was president of the American Nurses Association ANA from to and after her retirement from Rutgers inacted as visiting professor at the University of Leuven in Belgium in and Peplau was a member of the faculty of the College of Nursing at Rutgers University from to She took psychiatric nursing from custodial care to a theory-based profession.

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She began as an instructor and eventually became the Director of Psychiatric Nursing. She witnessed the devastating flu epidemic ofpeplxu personal experience that greatly influenced her understanding of the impact of illness and death on families.

Hildegard Peplau – Nursing Theorist

Grayce Sillswith assistance from Dr. This page was last edited on 27 Novemberat Trust begins to develop, and the blography begins to understand their role, the nurse’s role, and the parameters and boundaries of their relationship.

While she was still a student, she assisted in surgery, delivered babies and removed tonsils, something unheard of in today’s nursing education. Conclusion The interpersonal relations theory offers insight into what is expected of the nurse and the patient when confronting health-related problems.

A strong advocate for research in nursingshe served as a consultant to the U.

The six quality and safety education for nurses QSEN competencies are essential in ensuring that appropriate and proper medical care is administered to the patient. There she earned a bachelor’s degree in interpersonal psychology in Peplau’s seminal book, Interpersonal Relations giography Nursingwas completed in Peplau was a tireless advocate for advanced education for psychiatric nurses.

Hildegard E. Peplau – Psychiatric Nurse of the Century

The first core competency is Patient-centered care that calls for all attention to be paid to the patient by the respective nurse. This process should be therapeutic and educative for the patient. Hlidegard role, Resource role, Teaching role, Counseling role, Surrogate role, Active leadership and Technical expert role.


Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 6, The archives of her work and life are housed at the Schlesinger Library at Harvard University.

They are proud that she continues to be an “inspiration to many. This is the phase during which the nurse and the patient become acquainted, and set the tone for their relationship, which will ultimately be patient centered. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

After many confrontations with superiors, she resigned and went to Rutgers. Inshe graduated in Pottstown, Pennsylvania School of Nursing. Peplau vigorously advocated tht nurses should become further educated so they could provide truly therapeutic care to patients rather than the custodial care that was prevalent in the mental hospitals of that era.

Hildegard Peplau Nursing Theorist Homepage

You have entered an incorrect email address! The nurse and the patient work towards discharge and termination goal. Selected Works of Hildegard E.

Her mother was a hardworking homemaker and helped with the family finances by cleaning other houses, working at a shirt factory and selling baked goods. InSpringer published a volume of selected works of Peplau from previously unpublished papers.

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