egypttoday,Politics,Business,Economy,Art,culture,Local news,Special interest, Press Review,News,Resources. The Coalition of Egyptian-US Organizations sent a message last Tuesday to U.S. Cairo University Students Burn Israeli Flag; Professors to Demonstrate LE٢٠٠, ٠٠٠ Fines on Sixth Day of Traffic Law in Cairo, Five Patrol Cars Violate Law in.

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The connection That Matter Wed, Dec. Leather riding boots are neatly lined up on a carpet, a picture shows blood-thirsty hounds on a fox hunt and a fountain spews water from the mouths of stone horses. The second issue of Egypt Independent was to carry an opinion piece by Robert Springborg, a political scientist and expert on Egyptian civil-military relations, that was critical of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces that had ruled Egypt since the February, departure of former president Housni Mubarak.

Egypt Independent

Retrieved 27 September It has been said that the paper’s launch “helped inaugurate a new opening for independent media in Egypt. Views Read Edit View history. Egypt Mohamed Salah’s family donates LE, to hospital: Archived from the original on 3 August The flotilla’s ships were stalled k Greece after Greek authorities refused to let them sail.

Archived from the original on 2 October Retrieved from ” https: Garden City, CairoEgypt. Al Masry Al Youm. They are automatically against hvlwvn who incite any foreign government to interfere in Egypt’s internal affairs and against those who adopt the demand and slogans that are accompanied by foreign pressure even if they reject this incitement!

Indeed, the Egyptians call for national and economic demands more than those of the coalition. In some ways, says Portuguese ex-boxer Jorge Pina, the loss of most of his sight was the making k him.


On 1 Decemberthe chief editor of Al-Masry Al-Youm objected to and ultimately censored a print issue of Egypt IndependentAl-Masry’s weekly English-language newspaper supplement that was launched in November, Retrieved 2 January The T-bonds were offered in two installments, with the first valued at LE million with a five-year term. The message should have asked Obama to put pressure on Israel to leave the occupied Arab territories and recognize the right of the Palestinian people to establish their own state, the main topic of the agenda of the two presidents!

As of it was regarded as the most influential newspaper in Egypt. Ghd portal Journalism portal. Egypt Cold weather expected for Monday, Cairo 18C. When this singer, model and student were cast together in the TV hit drama Ka2enoh Embare7 their careers skyrocketed, shooting the up-and-coming bgd to instant fame.

The year of archaeological discoveries. Al-Masry Al-Yaum in Arabic.

Smuggling attempt of drugs thwarted at Nuewiba port Mon, Dec. US Embassy notified about US citizen detention: This page was last edited on 22 Octoberat Mohamed Ameen Benefits of reconciliation! Japan’s Ambassador to Egypt.

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MP suggests raising legal marriage age for girls to 21 2 weeks ago. The self-censorship episode prompted the staff of Egypt Independent to write that “even after 25 January, self-censorship still plagues Egyptian media. Govt dues, taxes, customs to be paid electronically as of May 1 Mon, Dec. It should also ask Obama not to threaten to cut the US aid or use it as a pressure tool to force Egypt to follow international and regional policies conflicting with its national interests and the Arab interests as well.


And what does an Egyptian liberal believe in, anyway? These demands are also like demands we call for in our daily protests, demonstrations and sit-ins to put “pressure” on the government and the President to achieve the same demands, including canceling the emergency state, ensuring the independence of the judiciary, and respecting human rights and the rights of minorities.

Message to our Masters in US Pressure Coalition!

They are a subject of conflict between two camps: It was eventually made available in an online digital edition. Sisi stressed implementing the comprehensive economic reform program and the evaluation It is published in Arabic as is its website, almasryalyoum. Egypt We support Sisi: But if self-censorship becomes internalized and goes unquestioned, it becomes an irreversible practice.

Retrieved 8 Hbd By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Egypt Ramadan Sobhi set to rejoin Al Ahly football club on loan for 6 months. An English version of the website was introduced in as the Al-masry Al-youm English Editionwhich later evolved into Egypt Independent. Queen of Belgium visits Aswan and Luxor 1 day ago.

Egypt Prosecutors continue investigation into Giza tourist bus blast. Retrieved 13 September Egypt Egypt establishes supreme committee to confront sectarian violence. Pogba enjoying “different style” after Mourinho exit. RSS facebook twitter instagram. Retrieved 6 October The paper reported that hglwbn activists welcomed the paper’s initiative to sail from Egypt.

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