Download Citation on ResearchGate | The Henri Tomasi trumpet concerto: a musical score analysis / | Thesis (D.M.A.)–University of Houston, Degree. Henri Tomasi’s Trumpet Concerto solo Documents Similar To Trumpet Concerto Tomasi. Uploaded by. Paulo Thiago Sprovieri. Barat Trumpet Fantasie. Tomasi: Trumpet Concerto: I Allegro – Henri Tomasi, Le Triomphe de Jeanne, Henri Tomasi, Orchestre national et Choeurs de la RTF – Jean Fournet (dir).

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More by Henri Tomasi

Retrieved May 9, He also wrote music inspired by medieval religious songs. It is cordially dedicated to Monsieur Beaucamp. The initial tempo returns and the song ends in calm repose with an unusual closing chord: Tomasi composed in an economical manner, deriving thematic material from motivic cells.

Inhe held a series of interviews with his son, Claude, called “Autobiography with a Tape Recorder. The first movement was chosen to be the Paris Conservatory Examination Solo in Hemri Tomasi was born in a working-class neighborhood tdumpet MarseilleFrance, on 17 August There is constant eighth-note movement. The transcription was dedicated to the Rejeliovo Decliove Quintet from Prague.

Henri Tomasi – Wikipedia

The Ancient Greek Attica dialect was closely related to the refined Ionic language of the great Greek writers such as Aescchylus, Sophocles, and Euripides. Tomasi began his career as a conductor for Concerts du Journal. This movement is in sonata form with a sostenuto section framed by the giocoso sections featuring complex rhythms and large leaps in register.


Inhe won first prize in harmony, along with his friend Zino Francescattithe celebrated violinist. The early Charlie Chaplin films also intrigued him and influenced his works. He performed in tokasi venues such as upscale hotelsrestaurantsbrothelsand movie houses.

The sensibility expresses itself and the mind controls. It is intensely lyrical and expressive. The last movement uses rhythm and accents as a cohesive force. Tomasi’s music is fundamentally lyrical. He was buried in his wife’s family tomb in Avignon.

At the age of five, the family moved to Mazarques, France where Xavier Tomasi worked henr a postal worker. There are traditional key centers in a flexible framework. This introduction is followed with ternary form with return above an ostinato of Sicilian rhythm.

As a composer, his orchestral music is important, but above all he was attracted to the theater. Henri Tomasi wrote his own notes on the concerto in and they are printed on the Tomasi Association of France website. There are Trois Divertissements for four clarinets, a Corsican Song that may be performed on clarinet the instrument is not specifiedwind trios, and a piece for clarinet, flute and harp.

Gordon It is marked tristamente sadly in a slow Andante tempo. He composed two woodwind quintets and in addition to the reduction of the Cinq Danses Profanes et Sacrees. During the summer, he stayed with his grandmother in Corsica and learned traditional Corsican songs.

Inthe family moved back to Marseille. He still performed at cafes and in the cinemas to earn money. The harmonic motion is very slow with only a G minor chord until rehearsal 2. The second theme is stated in the piano cooncerto rehearsal By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The dialogue between soloist uenri orchestra will be increasingly pressing, to go towards a lyrical and impassioned exultation.


This article needs additional citations for verification. The nontraditional elements include polychords, chords with added notes, clusters, and dissonance.

His gift for composition was developed during this time as he excelled in improvisation at the keyboard. He composed concerti for henrooboeclarinetsaxophonebassoontrumpethornand trombone. This fantasia like beginning has a short clarinet cadenza with a descending arpeggiated figure that will later appear in the dance.

September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Inhe wrote what would become his most popular composition, the Concerto for Trumpet. The virtuoso Scherzo finale is in a sonata tkmasi construction.

Trumpet Concerto

He made his most memorable recording in with the extraordinary French mezzo-soprano Alice Raveau in Gluck ‘s Orfeowhich was awarded the Grand Prix du Disque. It is marked Lent and has a surreal quality. The first movement is marked Giocoso playfully and Tomasi makes chords out of the arpeggiated figures in the clarinet.

There is a woodwind quintet version of this entire work dating from

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