It is the winter of , the last dark days of World War II in occupied Holland. A Nazi collaborator, infamous for his cruelty, is assassinated as he. The Assault by Harry Mulisch – book cover, description, publication history. A review and a link to other reviews of The Assault by Harry Mulisch.

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Geeft dat nog weer extra lading aan het toch al onoverzienbare patroon van Oedipale motieven?

Memory, our perception of time, and the twists of fate that can occur so cruelly if only for other factors being otherwise, are deftly touched on. The father was joint director of a banking firm which was a repository for stolen Jewish…. He killed God knows how many people, and sent many more to their death in Germany and Poland.

En die in duister gehulde moeder was ook nog eens indirect medeverantwoordelijk voor de dood van de echte moeder, wat bovendien weer eens illustreert dat ook verzetsstrijders die het kwaad bevechten soms medeschuldig zijn aan ander kwaad.

Their peace was broken by the sound of nearby gunshots, This brilliant novel opens in the Dutch city of Haarlem in earlyduring the Hongerwinterthe famine that afflicted millions of residents of the German-occupied western portion of the Netherlands due to a blockage of food and fuel by the Nazis.

So he had to be gotten rid off.

The hand of fate lurks strongly here, but Mulisch has a subtle touch with it. But the ripples cannot be simply shrugged away.

But the past keeps breaking through, in relentless memories and in chance encounters with others who were involved in the assassination and its aftermath, until Anton finally learns what really happened that night in —and why.

Van die verstening wordt hij aan het eind van hte boek enigszins bevrijd, in de eerder beschreven wedergeboorte-scene: Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe mulisfh be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. The edifice tumbled down. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

In Harry Mulisch’s deceptively assauot, and sometimes diffident novel, The AssaultAmsterdam is peopled with those carrying such demons. How is that possible? Die hagedissen hadden we al eerder genoemd gezien: Anton, like so many war victims, has decided to suppress his memories, assahlt not pursue the truth about the fate of his family, to err on the side of starting over, acting as if his first life was just a distant fairy tale.


THE ASSAULT by Harry Mulisch | Kirkus Reviews

He put a garden hose up your ass and let it run till you vomited your own shit. One More Victim is written in three: Mulisch died in Determined to forget, he opts for a carefully normal mulidch Preview — The Assault by Harry Mulisch. The means by which it moves and transfers, how it winds in on itself. The Germans arrive, Peter flees, the Steenwijks are rounded up, their house immediately burned to the ground. Everyone knows the Germans will retaliate.

And yet…And yet the father sits at the kitchen table reading the Jewish Philosopher Spinoza stepping into a different realm of time. He is talked into joining the peace demonstration in Amsterdamand there he meets Karin Korteweghis former neighbor. It was as if everything grew radiant with the passage of time, like pebbles at the bottom of a brook.

Anton is separated from the rest of his family, taken briefly to a local prison for the night, and later he learns of their fate. For this, too, is a story of resistance, albeit mmulisch occupied Holland, though one cannot know that by reading a brief azsault of the plot, and to explain further would reveal too much about the narry, which contains a mystery element that is only explained on the final page.


It’s a powerful psychological story, and even something of a mystery, that works exceptionally well in spite of, or most likely due, to its succinctness and, of course, cleverness as the plot unfolds, taking many years for the murder of a Dutch collaborator to become finally completely explained and understood. Jul 31, Arash rated it really liked it. I’ve just been reading Caroline Moorhead’s books about the Nazi occupation of France and the French Resistance and felt suddenly drawn to augment that reading with another resistance story.

By the end of the book, he is older than his father lived to be. Mulisch and his mother escaped transportation to a concentration camp thanks to Mulisch’s father’s collaboration with the N Harry Mulisch was born in Haarlem, Netherlands and lived in Amsterdam from until his death in In terms of form, the novel starts with a prologue depicting the assault and the ensuing massacre.


The Assault

Maar bij Mulisch gebeurt dat vooral in de verbeelding, waarbij — nog steeds: In the second episode, inhe finally ventures back to Haarlm to the scene of the crime. The three Jews… Six million of them had been killed… But by being in danger, those three people had unknowingly saved themselves and the lives of two others, and instead of them, his own father and mother and Peter had died.

Finally, inAnton runs into one of the neighbors who had moved Ploeg’s body in front of the Steenwijk house that night, learning for the first time why they had done this — and why they had chosen this and not another neighboring house. Door dat alles lees ik het boek echt anders dan acht jaar geleden.

Niet voor niets deden en doen mijn leesvrienden in de eerder genoemde Hebban-leesclub precies hetzelfde. This year we would be celebrating the 68th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany and its Axis allies during the Second World War.

Anton still lives in Amsterdam, but now he has his own apartment in the center of the city.

The Assault by Harry Mulisch | : Books

The book explores many heavy issues without lingering too long over them, giving us just enough to ponder them on our own. Harry Mulisch was born in Haarlem, Netherlands and lived in Amsterdam from until his death in In postwar literature the horrors of Naziism tend to be painted in broad strokes.

He is probably the most boring character I have ever read abut. A more serious complaint would be that there is a hell of assaul lot of contrivance, or coincidence in the book.

Op de gekste momenten in het boek wordt als terloops verwezen naar het alchemistische ei.

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