List of Perks GURPS Psionic Powers Anti-Psi Perks 24, Astral Projection Perks 29, Ergokinesis Perks 35, ESP Perks 42, Probability Alteration Perks 44, Psychic . ESP Perks. F. Ferocious Beard · Fiery Resolve · First Strike. G. GURPS Power- Ups 2: Perks. L. Long Thumbs. M. Magical abilities can coexist with anti-magical . GURPS Power-Ups 2: Perks – Penny Candy for Your Character! Everybody loves little bonuses for next to nothing. In GURPS, that means Perks.

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However, the GM may penalize your attempts to notice things other than that focus when the SOP is in play. I dont mind some debate. Reaching into your pocket for a pen but you pull out something else 3 Always has X when someone needs something you always have it. But how about the PC who wants to “automatically” repair perkz vehicles, or whip up tricky magical enchantments, during off-screen downtime?

Find More Posts by Phantasm. If you gurpe caught hostage and escape only wearing your underwear you can step into another room or when they find you, you somehow have a change of clothes. Enjoying your Games Diner meal?

A Perk for all the would-be Linda Carter types out there. Remember, perks have absolutely no combat benefits, even remotely close to them 1 Always gets his money Money and change you have will never get stuck in any kind of machine.

As Perks suggests, money, tools, or other items may be required for an SOP. The time now is This should probably be restricted to CR-2 items – no thermonuclear grenades.

List Of your favorite Custom Perks – Steve Jackson Games Forums

Stands up to casual observation, but might be blown if anyone decides to do some deeper investigation. Copyright by T Bone. Not only that persk as long as nobody is looking you seem to magically change into them in a matter of seconds maybe 1 or 2. List Of your favorite Custom Perks Many threads discuss a few perks here and there for their specific character. Find More Posts by bigmack Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Find More Posts by Anders. Roll vs Search Search this site: Is the chef bathed?


And the secret-door seeker tapping on the walls clearly isn’t paying attention to what’s crawling out of the well in the center of the room Randomly-rolled content Edge Protection notes.

The SOPs below are largely “off-screen” actions that may require skills to perform successfully, or may require time, money, or other resources to perform at all. But the latter is a pretty serious disadvantage that pulls the PC out of the safety zone, needlessly eats up lots of time, or otherwise causes trouble.

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Perks will find a warm welcome, judging from this, this, this, this, this and this thread. Several automate actions that practically define the adventurer PC Page 1 of Is the wait staff attentive? Find More Posts by GnomesofZurich. An SOP described as “You always check the room for secret doors” is going to take up plenty of time in every dungeon room the bigger the room, the longer the time. The GM may award you a special roll to notice items of interest related to those targets — threats, attempts at Stealth or Shadowing, or other points of interest — or may give you a small bonus if anyone would get such a roll.

The GM can nicely game these as some bonus on rolls to detect the subjects of focus probably using Per or Per-based skills like Observation and Search. Grab one or a few to automate the dull parts of playing your PC.


As Good As Done: New Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) perks for GURPS

When time presents itself, you attack that stack: Find More Posts by Daigoro. See notes in the main text above. This SOPs below involve focusing your attention on targets ugrps interest.

Yes, that’s a good one, too. Likewise, an SOP that says “You keep your vehicle fully repaired” will accomplish little in a wasteland without critical tools and parts.

The fellow always pressing tavern patrons for rumor details may not see the bartender whisper to a hooded stranger. Select your preferred way to display the comments and click “Save settings” to activate your changes. This is more for comedy relief especially when other people get their money stuck in a vending machine. Still seems pretty beneficial combat wise since you have a more powerful weapon.

This one-point beauty lets you specify some task or action that your character performs as a matter of course, even off-screen — reloading weapons good for action heroessitting with your back to a wall good for paranoid heroes grps, and many more — without your having to say that the PC performs the action.

Post new comment Your name. List Of your favorite Custom Perks Quote: Enter the missing character from the following word: Does that describe you?

I will post more when i come across them or think of them. You can carry and use one weapon that would normally be illegal for someone to carry under local laws i. List Of your favorite Custom Perks. There aren’t a lot of SOPs offered in Perksbut oerks easy and fun to think up.

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