Fastest Way to Learn GRE High Frequency Word List. Long since GRE came into picture, students have had a tough time remembering words. More so since the. With so many seemingly equally potent GRE word lists and Vocab lists, it often becomes difficult to narrow down on one GRE word list that would solve all their. The Wordbot keeps track of your level of mastery on a given word. It also keeps a track of when you last revised a word. It thus creates personalized wordlists.

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I will let you guys explore a few nifty and helpful features of this slick tool. Universities with Deadlines in November and December.

A recommended learning order — As I mentioned earlier, learning the GRE words in an alphabetical order is found to be ineffective in most cases. It also keeps a track of when you wordlizt revised a word. Instead of going about learning words without a proper, well thought out plan it would be better if you can list out all the GRE words. Learn focus words along with synonyms and antonyms.

GRE Word lists and Word list related online Apps

No unnecessary extra words. You can learn the words in a random order or you can learn them Theme-wise. The Theme based wordlist and Picture based learning method is by far wordlst best feature of WordBot. It can be accessed from anything via your smartphone, your tablet or your laptop. GREedge WordBot is brilliant work.


Fastest Way to Learn GRE High Frequency Word List | GREedge

I have encountered innumerable aspirants who grreedge been extremely benefited by the app and majority of them dedicate their success in the Verbal Section to this app. What we sordlist done is, categorize and list the words according to themes like nature, mood, feelings, attitudes, interaction, actions, places etc.

Cam we so all complete, with all our faulty bagnose? The human brain has a natural tendency to remember visual elements much more than text.

How To Choose a Good GRE Word-List?

Use your GREedge username and password to log in. The smart web-app from GRE edge to develop a sharp vocabulary. If the word and its definition is accompanied by a related picture, it becomes easier to remember, easier to understand and more exciting to learn GRE words.

Picture Cues — We tend to remember and recall pictures more than words. Understand the right usage.

A recommended learning order — As I mentioned earlier, learning gredge GRE words in an alphabetical order is found to be ineffective in most cases. Learn Learn a word completely – its definition, synonyms, antonyms. Everything you need to know! Another ineffective way of preparing for GRE Vocab is vehemently cramming up words and their definitions.


What students have to say about WordBot. Best Universities For Popular Courses. The WordBot mainly focus on learning words with pictures.

GRE Word list || GREedge

Preferred Time Anytime 10am to 11am 11am to 12noon 12noon to 1pm 1pm to 2pm 2pm to 3pm 3pm to 4pm 4pm to 5pm 5pm to grredge 6pm to 7pm 7pm to 8pm 8pm to 9pm. Prioritize these if you are running out of time. What do we do when we are short of time? What is the best site for GRE preparation for vocabulary? Is my GRE preparation enough?

You dismissed this ad. It is good but not enough.

With more than GRE words to master, students resort to rote learning and get entangled in a plethora of flashcards. From 6 backlogs to an Ivy League Admit. Apart from being tough and tedious, this process has no long term retention value.

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