5 Plutarch almost found preserved the Great Rhētra in Aristotle’s lost work, The suggested that the Great Rhētra predates Tyrtaeus and the latter was. Spartan Society The Great Rhetra The Great Rhetra Reforms introduced by Lycurgus were in the form of a Rhetra (a pronouncement reflecting the. Im currently writing my notes for Sparta, and i keep always come across the ‘The Great Rhetra’ but none of the books or my notes seem to.

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Great Rhetra

Powers of the kings were limited, especially by the ephors. Sway in the Boule and divine honors belong to the Kings Under whose care has been set Sparta’s city of charm; Second to them are the Gerontes, and then come the men of the people duly confirming the straight rhetrai. Sparta, CUP, London, The Role of the Individual in Ephoros’ Histories. In one sense, it was the Spartan Constitutionbelieved to have been formulated and established by the legendary lawgiver, Lycurgus.


Notify me of new comments via email. The apella lacked formal training and possessed rgetra real power. For it was not by imitating other states, but by devising a system utterly different from that of most others, that he made his country pre-eminently prosperous. If there was an oracle, the question of what writing system, if any, was the vehicle of the oracles is moot.


Lycurgus – the Great Rhetra

Living in a fertile country and with a numerous population of men, they immediately shot up and flourished. This good order gave Sparta its relative stability ryetra earned the admiration of many Greek writers, including Herodotus and Xenophon. The apella voted on proposals of the gerousia and elected ephors and members of the gerousia.

Phoebus Apollo’s the mandate was which they brought from Pytho Voicing the greah of the God, nor were his words unfulfilled: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Speaking of Lycurgus, Plutarch was known to have not known whether he was “god or a man,” – Tyrtaeus didn’t even mention him in any of his work.

By using this site, you agree to rhhetra Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Herodotus does not mention the oracle in the second report.

As a result of his positive attribute, he became a very significant icon who was highly respected by the Spartan society. Plutarch says the Great Rhetra was an utterance rherra the Delphic Oracle brought back to Sparta by the lawgiver Lycurgus. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Also, the concept of the constitution being truly oral and a state secret presents certain paradoxes, such as how the classical authors knew so much about it. They and others consulted it frequently. Retrieved from ” https: The Spartans and Women in Ancient Greece. Lycurgus was a significant lawgiver who implemented the divine Spartan constitution and reforms.


Share Share this post on Digg Del. Moreover, the workings of the government of a major Greek state over centuries cannot have been either unwritten or a secret. Thereupon the oracle delivered the entire constitution of Sparta, which Lycurgus took back and implemented.

The Ephors -Evidence suggests that there were 5, one from each of the villages. It is also not yet known if lycurgus ever existed. A double tradition developed: We will be looking at excerpts of Plutarch throughout the course but here is a link to the full Plutarch text. He was thus passed over for the throne in favor of his brother, Polydectesbut the latter died. G History of Sparta, Duckworth, London, Religious Roles of the Kings: Lycurgus rhetr known as the man who made up laws, he founded some or even most of the institutions of ancient Sparta.

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