Mark Mazower provides us with a very readable and highly stimulating intellectual history of Western internationalism starting with the Vienna. A majestic narrative reckoning with the forces that have shaped the nature and destiny of the world’s governing institutions The story of global. Governing the World has ratings and 26 reviews. Helen said: This is a wonderfully written book by historian Mark Mazower about the idea of an interna.. .

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To see what goverbing friends thought of this book, please sign up. As an obituarist noted on his death in in a phrase that could appear in any textbook on liberalism:. There had been no international men of any note before his time.

We are at the end of an era, Mazower explains, and we are passing into a new age of global power relations, a shift whose outcome is still very much in question. Domestic Politics World Politics History. From the beginning, the willingness of national leaders to cooperate has been spurred by crisis: Of particular interest is his periodization of postwar international governance efforts.

Bear with him, you think having read the awesome No Enchanted Palace: Mazzini and the partisans of nationalist democracy had another, and so did Marx and the radical Left.

Each time the world has been laid waste by a fresh bout of violent cynicism and shifting alliances, there has been a demand for something that might stare down short-term national advantage in favour of a wider, common good.

As planning moved from London to Washington, a generation accustomed to thinking on classic Oxbridge common-room style about wrold eternal wisdom of ancient Athens was superseded by a new cohort of policymakers more comfortable with discussions of comparative legal systems, farm economics, or business cycles.

Governing the World by Mark Mazower | : Books

The “Concert of Europe” these men inaugurated was an informal scheme of cooperation among the great powers, which would aim at the maintenance of an overall balance of power and try to prevent crises, wherever they arose, from spiralling out of control. For Permissions, please email: Our representatives continue to hand over power to experts and self-interested self-regulators in the name of efficient global governance while a skeptical and alienated public looks on.

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In its various nineteenth-century incarnations, after all, internationalism was preeminently a movement to restore sovereign power to the peoples of the world, and those who governed in their name. Understanding how this very system came into being is a first important step.

Global financial integration, poverty, failed states, climate change, and a host of other issues that transcend national borders call out for new forms of transnational cooperation and regulation.

Governing the World: The Rise and Fall of an Idea, 1815 to the Present

Instead the book puts particular emphasis on decolonization and global economic regulation inside and outside UN institutions. Every young student of international relations dreaming of a UN job should read the chapters that deal with the creation of the organization. It’s extremely fascinating, however, and for me at least, exciting even as it opened doors to ideas and periods of history I hadn’t thought about, but which nonetheless can provide context to today’s world problems, such as, how can the US deal with North Korea, and why is the UN rather quiet on the topic, etc.

Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Europeans learnt various different lessons from the French revolution and Napoleonic wars.

Governing the World: The History of an Idea – Mark Mazower – Google Books

British and American statesmen threw their weight behind a single world security organisation. It shows how complicated relations are and how the institutions of global government are made in the hegemonic powers’ interest, but often strongly worls by people who are trying to make the world a better place. Feb 10, Albert Faber rated it it was amazing.

The idea of governing the world is becoming yesterday’s dream. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Although it’s extremely well-written, it’s not an easy read per se – given jazower multitude of ideas and recounting of historical situations and controversies dating back to the 19th Century. Counterintuitively, as it might seem today, the radical Italian patriot Giuseppe Mazzini thought nationalism was the answer: Today, ,azower the primacy of the fact is challenged by the Web — a recent article hails the fact’s death — the future, more important than ever, has been privatized, monetized,and turned into a source of profit.

It would seem so, at least in some countries, including the USA. Aug 27, Pages. At the outset the UN from this perspective is first and foremost the old League plus the continuation of the wartime cooperation between the US, Russia, the UK, and China, which is institutionalized through permanent membership of the Security Council including veto powers. He is the author of IBSA: Orestis Tsapogas rated it liked it May 08, Preview — Governing the World by Mark Mazower.


But this money-driven individualistic future has crowded out an older vision of what he public good might look like. What Mazower counts as a contribution to thinking about “governing” is defined in a very broad way ranging from actual plans for world government to international development agencies to nongovernmental standards bodies and everything in betweenbut the same time he fails to focus on certain categories or individuals or episodes that a different writer might have considered important to include.

View all 4 comments. Sep 20, Pearce rated it really liked it. Marx had ideas, Mazzini had a political programme, Huxley and the eugenists had convictions, and Kissinger had an ego.

Not governing thr world? Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Marxist ideology allowed considerable latitude for maneuver. Enthusiasts for world harmony turned out to be no less fractious than the xenophobic nationalists they aspired to tame, and their own petty nazower over language — and in particular an enhanced form of Esperanto termed Ido meaning “offspring” in the parent language — soon led to governng Ido-Esperanto schism.

The only disappointment is not learning much about Mazower’s speculations about what be ahead in the 21st Century as China and India become global powers.

The English Liberal Richard Cobden sought an alternative approach to peace in free trade. It followed that treaties were only to be observed insofar as it suited the signatories to observe them: While the book is built wkrld a carefully theorized concept of international institutional development with particular attention to the often underestimated role of lawyers in building transnational connections and institutionsmuch of this theorization is unstated or at least understated.

By creating models of equity, solidarity, and sacrifice, they transformed public attitudes in ways that endured into peacetime.

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