Param Poojya Golwalkar Guruji a true patriot (Rashtra Bhakt). Posts about Guruji Golwalkar written by arisebharat.

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Shri Guruji warned against the inherent danger there in: Tukaram says his head placed on His feet I may always remain under goldalkar shadow of His grace. The Central Government was not in a mood to make an all-Bharat law on the issue but some states did make a law banning slaughtering of cows.

Madhavrao started reading the books, through and through, one by one. He is better known by this name even today throughout the Sangh and the nation. The Soviet occupation of Afghanistan forced the US to legitimise, promote and weaponise Jihadi forces, the likes of Taliban.

Later even that could not be carried on. The author had originally written on this subject as a long introduction to a book titled Reminiscences of Sri Guruji by Sri K Suryanarayana Rao, a veteran RSS worker, who has intense experience of and with Sri Guruji. Inin the third week of October, Pakistan army intruded into Kashmir and began advancing.

M. S. Golwalkar

Inone fine day, based on the information received from Amitabh Maharaj, Shri Guruji quietly golwa,kar for Sargachi in search of a spiritual guide. Jaffrelot characterised Golwalkar’s racism as a form of socio-cultural domination rather than one based on notions of racial purity.

Our wise forbears have declared agni – shesharoga- shesharuna-shesha and shatru-shesha gruuji of fire, disease, debt and enemy should not be allowed to persist. In northern Karnataka, in a village named Terdaal nine people were burnt alive in one such incident.

Remembering H. H. Golwalkar Guruji : 2nd RSS Sarsanghachalak – Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

Golwakar the same time conversions by Christians gained ground. Now Reshambag is home to two great personalities in their chaitanya form Dr. Goyalthe RSS’ anti-Marxist tinge made it popular with the wealthy sections of society who generously supported it.


According to Keer “s report, “Golwalkar The families of the three previous Sarsanghachalaks of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, however, had no such background of greatness or fame. Shri Guruji also would make his own point on every issue, logically and forcefully. Likewise, Shri Guruji gave his valuable guidance to Dattopant Thengadi, who was working in the labor movement, the workers of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad and the Pracharaks in the field of education, to each according to their area of operation.

Hence, the Punjabi speaking Hindus, other than Sikhs, should honestly record Punjabi as their mother tongue. Those days Goldalkar Guruji constantly appealed to the Hindu people to stand up against the partition. Gurdayal Singh Dhillon and other eminent personalities extolled the qualities of Shri Guruji at length. Golwalkar’s We or our nationhood defined: He is better known by this name even today throughout the Sangh and the nation.

Shri Guruji also lent his voice to this haling. Golwallar would delve deep into other subjects also, so that he could help students in those subjects. Unique Correspondence Shri Guruji was engaged constantly in providing guidance to the Sangh and the guguji in one way or the other.

But Madhavrao insisted and the Nizam could enter only after paying the entrance fee. Shri Guruji immediately dissolved the Sangh and wrote letters to Pt. This is one governmental blunder which even the British did not commit.

He held a respected position in the nation by the force of guuji personality and the intensity of his convictions. Extraordinary Forbearance Inhaving completed his studies up to Intermediate, Madhavrao left for the famous Banaras Hindu University, to finish his B.


The Goraksha was a main issue during the struggle for independence also. Hence, it is impossible that you experience the pains of bereavement.

Who Represents the Hindus?

On 3 July, five state-level sanghchalak directors in Nagpur announced Hedgewar’s decision. The words of then Home Minister Sardar Patel shed enough light, removing any shred of doubt on the subject. Religion, Community, and the Politics of Ghruji in India.

Remembering H. H. Golwalkar Guruji : 2nd RSS Sarsanghachalak

At the end of the class, golwalkag Professor gave him a fond pat on the back. Kolkata was the hub of revolutionary activities in those days. The Hindu population was getting thinner and that of non-Hindus bigger. Shri Guruji was overwhelmed after getting initiated. Let us look at the brief answers to these questions.

History tells us that these enemies recouped themselves, attacked our men once again and destroyed them. So arise and trumpet the victory call for the Motherland, from the bottom of your hearts to the frontiers of the skies and accomplish your task. The Swayamsevaks collected donations throughout the country and got the support of all the parties, organizations and the government.

Neither his parents nor anybody else knew his whereabouts. In support of the demand to ban cow-slaughter, the Swayamsevaks collected nearly 1. Madhu had an excellent memory and took advantage of that whole storehouse of knowledge.

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