Gigaset N/NA IP / GBR / AML / / . Gigaset C59H, SL78H, SLH or S79H handset, for example. 1. 2. 3. 1 One Gigaset SL base station. 2 One base station cover stand. 3 One power adapter for the base station. 4 One Gigaset SL78H handset. 4. Sept. Geben Sie Ihr Gigaset nur mit der Bedienungsanleitung an Dritte weiter. meldetes Mobilteil Gigaset SL78H, SLH oder S79H.

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Using the user guide effectively Using the user guide effectively Icons Warnings, which, if not heeded, can result in injury to persons or damage to devices.

Important information regarding function and appropriate handling or functions that could generate costs. Prerequisite for being able to carry out the following action. Do not use the devices in environments tigaset a potential explosion hazard e. If you give your Gigaset to a third party, make sure you also give them the user guide. Remove faulty devices from use or have them repaired by our Service team, as these could interfere with other wireless services. Getting started Inserting the battery Only use the specified battery, as this could otherwise result in significant health risks and personal injury.

For example, the outer casing of the battery could be destroyed or the battery could explode. The device could also malfunction or be damaged as a result of using batteries that are not of the recommended type. Getting hedienungsanleitung The battery may heat up during charging. This is not dangerous. After a time, the charge capacity of the battery will decrease for technical reasons.

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Attaching the belt clip The handset has notches on each side for attaching the belt clip. The settings for VoIP telephony and send and receive connections are made at the base station. For Gigaset IP phones there is a web configurator that can be used for making the configuration on a computer.

The main menu functions are partially base-specific. The main menu may look different on your handset. Back Basic functions of the handset p. Getting to know your telephone Submenus The functions in the submenus are displayed as lists. Example To access a function: Digit keys that are pressed appear in the display for pre- dialling, other keys have no further function.

Copy an entry to the directory: Copy to Directory Copy the number to the display: Making calls Incoming calls An incoming call is indicated by ringing, by a display on the screen and by the flashing Talk Accepting a call: Network services Network services Network services depend on the network provider service provider and must be requested from that provider.

Information is available from your PABX operator, where applicable. Network services fall into two distinct groups: The ringback takes place as soon as the participant in question terminates the current call. The ringback takes place as soon as the participant in question has made another call. Network services Calls with three participants Consultation calls Make another external call during an external call.

The first call is Consultation placed on hold. If the second participant does not answer Network services Conference Speaking to both participants at the same time. Message lists Message lists Notifications about missed calls, messages on the network mailbox and missed alarms are saved in the messages list. As soon as a new message arrives, an advisory tone will sound. The Example Message key also flashes if activated p.


This setting is entered on the base for each registered handset. You can change this setting for your handset: Call lists depends on the base station The telephone saves different types of calls missed, accepted and outgoing calls in lists.

List entry The following information is displayed in the list entries: The network mailboxes are set up and activated on the base. In order to record all calls, a network mailbox should be set up for each telephone connection.

Each network mailbox accepts incoming calls made via the corresponding line. The network mailbox is automatically called via the corresponding connection. Press the handsfree key Local handset directory Local handset directory The local directory is unique to the handset.

Gigaset SL750 H PRO User Manual

However, it is possible to send entries to other handsets p. Local handset directory Caller Picture: Save The entry is only valid if it contains at least one number. The sending and receiving handset must both be registered to the same base station.

The other handset and the base station are able to bedienungsanleirung and receive directory entries. Bluetooth mode is activated p. The online directories are set up and activated on the base. Exclusion of liability Gigaset Communications GmbH assumes no guarantee or liability for the availability of this service.

The service may be discontinued at any time. Online directories The selected online directory supports the number search.

No entries found to match the search criteria given: Change Too many entries found: Sound profiles Additional functions Sound profiles The telephone has 3 sound profiles gigawet adapting the handset to the environmental conditions: Calendar Calendar You can remind yourself of up to 30 appointments.

July In the calendar, the current day is outlined in white; on days with appointments, the numbers are displayed in colour. Press the display key OFF During a call, a reminder is indicated on the handset once with an advisory tone on the handset.

Alarm clock Alarm clock Date and time have been set. Room monitoring Room monitoring When the room monitor is switched on, the stored internal or external destination number is called as soon as a defined noise level is exceeded in the vicinity of the handset. The alarm to an external number is cancelled after approximately 90 seconds.

You can answer the alarm using the Two Way Talk function.

Press the End call key during an alarm Deactivating the alarm remotely The alarm is forwarded to an external destination number. The receiving phone supports tone dialling.

Protection against unwanted calls Protection against unwanted calls Time control for external calls Date and time have been set. Enter a time period during which the handset should suspend Example ringing to indicate external calls e. Resource Directory Resource Directory Sounds for ringtones and images that can be used as caller pictures CLIP pictures or as a screensaver are saved in the handset’s resource directory.


A range of monophonic and polyphonic sounds and pictures gigast been pre-set but further images and sounds can be downloaded using a PC p.

Bluetooth Registering Bluetooth devices The distance between the handset in Bluetooth mode and the active Bluetooth device headset or data device should not exceed 10 m.

The registration of a headset overwrites a previously registered headset. If a headset is to be registered that is already registered with a different device, this connection must be deactivated before registering. Free to download at www. Information about this can be found in the Gigaset QuickSync help feature The update process may take up to 10 minutes not including download time.

E-mail notifications depends on the base station E-mail notifications depends bfdienungsanleitung the base station The receipt of new e-mail messages is displayed on the handset: An advisory tone sounds, the Message key flashes and the icon is displayed in the idle display.

An e-mail account is set up with an Internet provider. Info Centre depends on the base station Info Centre depends on the base station The Info Centre provides information from the network besienungsanleitung Internet on the handset display e. Information available in the Info Centre can also be used as a screensaver. Setting the handset Setting the handset Date and time To ensure you have the correct time for incoming calls and to use the alarm clock and calendar, for example, the date and time must be set.

The date and time are taken from a time server on the Internet, provided that the phone is connected to the Internet and synchronisation with the time bedienungsanletiung is activated. Setting the handset Display and keypad Screensaver A digital or analogue clock, Info Services and a range of pictures can be selected to be displayed as a screensaver when in idle status.

Setting the handset Large font Show text and icons in call lists and in the directory in a larger size in order to improve legibility. Only one entry is shown in the display and names are abbreviated if necessary.

Press the Profile key to select Profile Silent press Beep within 3 seconds. Setting the handset Own area code Your area code international and local area code must be saved Example on the phone before bedienugnsanleitung can transfer phone numbers Area Codes e.

Siemens Gigaset an Fritz!Box anmelden

Some of these numbers are already preset. The active base station is the base station to which the handset was last registered.

The other base stations remain saved in the list of available base stations. The handset PIN must be entered e. Change the telephone’s 4-digit PIN default setting: Do you have any questions?

Find prompt access to support in this user guide and at www. The phone retailer from whom you purchased your telephone system will be happy to assist with any further ques- tions regarding your Gigaset Professional Telephone system. Questions and answers Possible solutions are available online at wiki. Service Customer Care The caller’s number is not displayed.

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